Loop Driver

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IBM 1130 - Programming Examples - Sample Assembler Program Deck
... CONTROL TO READ DC CBUFF STORE 80 COLUMNS CINP LIBF CARD0 DC 0 B CINP LOOP UNTIL CARD IS READ * LIBF ZIPCO CONVERT CARD TO PRINTER DC /1100 UNPACKED IN, PACKED OUT DC CBUFF+1 INPUT BUFFER DC PBUFF+1 ... Driver CARD0 reads each card column literally, using 12 of the 16 bits in the buffer word to describe whether there is a punch in the corresponding row for that column ... now in buffer PBUFF, to the printer through driver PRNT1 ...
Audio Induction Loop - Practical Induction Loops
... The loop driver amplifier requires some additional circuits to overcome these ... Using anything other than a correctly designed loop driver amplifier is not only unsatisfactory, but may result in a loop installation that can generate harmonics when driven into distortion, and these will ... An effective loop driver will have an automatic level control providing a constant loop signal for a wide range of source levels ...

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