Looking Glass (series) - Book 2 - Vorpal Blade

Vorpal Blade

In dealing with the Looking Glasses, humanity has discovered precisely one friendly species. The Adar. About a hundred years in advance of humanity, the Adar have had all sorts of problems with the hostile entity known as the Dreen and their slave races. With the discovery of an ally in Humanity they look forward to a brighter future. As a gift, they offer Humanity a small black box that they discovered on a distant world. Enigmatic and plain, the box appears to be a terrifying weapon until Dr. William Weaver discovers that it is in fact a hyperdrive which, when grafted to the former SSBN Nebraska creates the first Warp Ship, the Alliance Space Ship Vorpal Blade.

Vorpal Blade tells the story of Humanity's first voyage into interstellar space and the hazards we encounter there. Be they the Mecha-eating Crabpus, the gravitational standing waves between solar systems or the Demons of Cheerick the crew, Marines and SF contingent of the Vorpal Blade must handle them all... Just as soon as they quit heaving from the pink maulk in the pre-mission physical.

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The Problem Child - Plot Summary
... only thing that can kill the Jabberwocky is the Vorpal blade, which was divided into three pieces and distributed to separate places in Ferryport Landing ... They set off searching for Baba Yaga, the cannibal witch who has the last piece of the Vorpal Blade, who asks for Merlin's Wand as an exchange ... the pieces together, and finds a puzzle on the blade, which was supposed to show who the Blue Fairy was disguised as so as she could make the sword into one ...

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