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Long NcRNAs in Splicing

The splicing of mRNA can induce its translation and functionally diversify the repertoire of proteins it encodes. The Zeb2 mRNA, which has a particularly long 5’UTR, requires the retention of a 5’UTR intron that contains an internal ribosome entry site for efficient translation (Beltran 2008). However, retention of the intron is dependent on the expression of an antisense transcript that complements the intronic 5’ splice site (Beltran 2008). Therefore, the ectopic expression of the antisense transcript represses splicing and induces translation of the Zeb2 mRNA during mesenchymal development. Likewise, the expression of an overlapping antisense Rev-ErbAα2 transcript controls the alternative splicing of the thyroid hormone receptor ErbAα2 mRNA to form two antagonistic isoforms (Munroe 1991).

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