Long Non-coding RNA - Long NcRNA Functions - Long Non-coding RNAs in Post-transcriptional Regulation

Long Non-coding RNAs in Post-transcriptional Regulation

In addition to regulating transcription, ncRNAs also control various aspects of post-transcriptional mRNA processing. Similar to small regulatory RNAs such as microRNAs and snoRNAs, these functions often involve complementary base pairing with the target mRNA. The formation of RNA duplexes between complementary ncRNA and mRNA may mask key elements within the mRNA required to bind trans-acting factors, potentially effecting any step in post-transcriptional gene expression including pre-mRNA processing and splicing, transport, translation, and degradation.

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Long NcRNA Functions - Long Non-coding RNAs in Post-transcriptional Regulation - Long NcRNAs in SiRNA-directed Gene Regulation
... In addition to masking key elements within single-stranded RNA, the formation of double-stranded RNA duplexes can also provide a substrate for the generation of endogenous ... sequences, such as antisense or repetitive regions between transcripts, forms an RNA duplex that may be processed by Dicer-2 into endo-siRNAs ... Also, long ncRNAs that form extended intramolecular hairpins may be processed into siRNAs, compellingly illustrated by the esi-1 and esi-2 transcripts (Czech 2008) ...

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