Lok Paritran

Paritrana meaning "To bring relief from the cause of distress" in Sanskrit, is a political party (later renamed to Lok Paritran) in India (the prefix 'lok' or 'loka' means people in Sanskrit). The party was formed in February 2006 by a group of six graduates from IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur. It plans to contest in the next assembly elections and then stand for parliament. The founders of the political party are graduates of Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) who chose to give up careers in their fields of study and follow their inner voice which told them that 'they should invest their efforts in the country rather than making their pockets heavier'. The entire core team including all the party members of Lok Paritran consist of only one man:

  • Chandrashekhar (President), B.Tech, computer science (IIT Kanpur).

This party contested in 2006 Tamil Nadu elections in 7 constituencies, but failed to pull crowd. It was reported that the party was split. One faction formed another party called Bharat Punarnirman Dal

  • News article carrying news of their split
  • Bharat Punarnirman Dal