Local Marketing Agreement

In U.S. and Canadian broadcasting, a local marketing agreement (or local management agreement, or LMA) is an agreement in which one company agrees to operate a radio or television station owned by another licensee. In essence, it is a sort of lease or time-buy.

Under Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, a local marketing agreement must give the company operating the station under the agreement control over the entire facilities of the station, including the finances, personnel and programming of the station. Its original licencee still remains legally responsible for the station and its operations, such as compliance with relevant regulations regarding content.

Occasionally, "local marketing agreement" may refer to the sharing or contracting of only certain functions, in particular advertising sales. This may also be referred to as a local sales agreement (LSA) or a joint sales agreement (JSA). In the U.S., JSAs for radio stations are counted toward ownership caps.

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... The station featured local news and community-oriented programming as well ... WDLC and WTSX to Nassau Broadcasting in a local marketing agreement ... In February 2001, Nassau sold the Local Marketing Agreement of WDLC and WTSX to Clear Channel Communications, along with full ownership of WSUS, WNNJ, and WHCY ...
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... Univision, but are operated by Entravision Communications under local marketing agreements. 3 WLII and WSUR were taken over by Univision in 2002, but this was under a local marketing agreement with Raycom Media until Univision bought the stations outright in 2005 ... in 2002, but this was via WLII's local marketing agreement with Siete Grande Television (and in turn Univision's LMA with Raycom until 2005) ...
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... Communications and Newcap Broadcasting had a joint sales agreement pertaining to CHNO-FM in Sudbury, Ontario, but community interests and the lobby group Friends of Canadian Broadcasting presented substantial ... cannot be implemented without the CRTC's approval, and in early 2005, the CRTC ordered the agreement to cease ... leased its airtime to the Malaysian broadcaster Media Prima (through the local subsidiary MPB Primedia, Inc) in a similar fashion to an LMA—with MPB Primedia ...

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