Local Exchange

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Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
... An incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), is a local telephone company in the United States that was in existence at the time of the breakup of AT T into the Regional ... ILECs compete with competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) ...
Telecommunications Act Of 1996 - Policy Considerations of New Environment
... was envisioned between the incumbent local and long distance wireline carriers plus new competitive local exchange carriers, all of which used circuit-switched networks to offer voice services ... that has subsequently developed, such as wireless service competing with both local and long distance wireline service, VoIP competing with wireline and wireless telephony ... call is made to a called party’s wireline telephone, that party’s wireline local exchange carrier can charge the calling party’s long distance ...
Phone - Details of Operation
... comes down the line (C) from the telephone exchange ... The exchange detects this current, attaches a digit receiver circuit to the line, and sends a dial tone to indicate readiness ... tone generator circuit (not shown) that makes DTMF tones that the exchange receives ...
NTelos - Former Services
... the name of nTelos, with the wireline business divided into two operations a rural local exchange carrier (RLEC) and Competitive Wireline, which includes competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC ... operated as a RLEC in Virginia and owns two incumbent local exchange carriers and serves three rural Virginia regions ...

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