LMS Class 2P 4-4-0 - Details


Numbers Lot No. Date
Built at Notes
Original 2nd BR
563–571 40563–40571 49 1928 Derby
572 601 40601 49 1928 Derby Experimentally fitted with Owen's double port exhaust valves from new and renumbered immediately after entering service
572 40572 49 1928 Derby Replacement for first No. 572
573–574 40573–40574 49 1928 Derby
575–576 633–634 40633–40634 49 1928 Derby Transferred to S&DJR Nos 44–45 in 1928, retaken into LMS stock 1930
575–576 40575–40576 67 1929 Derby Replacement for engines transferred to S&DJR
577–579 40577–40579 49 1928 Derby
580 635 40635 49 1928 Derby Transferred to S&DJR No. 46 in 1928, retaken into LMS stock 1930.
580 40580 67 1929 Derby Replacement for engine transferred to S&DJR
581–600 40581–40600 49 1928 Derby
602–612 40602–40612 49 1928 Derby
613–628 40613–40627 67 1929 Derby
629–632 40629–40632 67 1930 Derby
636–660 40636–40660 76 1931 Crewe
661–665 40661–40665 77 1931 Derby
666–685 40666–40685 77 1932 Derby
686–700 40686–40700 85 1932 Crewe

Numbers 633 and 635 were fitted with Dabeg feedwater heater in 1933. Numbers 591 and 639 were withdrawn in 1934 after being heavily damaged in an accident at Port Eglinton Junction near Cumberland Street Station, Glasgow on 6th September of the same year. After nationalisation in 1948, British Railways added 40000 to the numbers of the remaining 136 engines. Further withdrawals came between 1954 and 1962. All were scrapped.

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