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Books For Children and Youth

TU STANUJE DANIJELOVA PRIČA, (Here Lives the Story of Danijel), Svjetlost: Sarajevo 1974.

TU STANUJE DANIJELOVA PRIČA (Here Lives the Story of Danijel), in Dječija književnost naroda i narodnosti BiH u 20 knjiga (Literature for Children of the Nations and Minorities of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 20 Books) Book 17, Veselin Masleša/Svjetlost: Sarajevo 1990 (second edition).

ZAŠTO DUBIŠ NA GLAVI, DANIJELE (Why do you stand Upside-Down Danijel?) Veselin Masleša: Sarajevo 1983.

DJEČAK SA KLJUČEM OKO VRATA (The Boy with a Key around his Neck) Veselin Masleša: Sarajevo 1986.

SVJETLUCANJA (Glowings), Sarajevo Publishing: Sarajevo 2003.

SPASITI YOA, ŽURNO (Hurry up to Save Yo, the Dragon), Hercegtisak: Široki Brijeg/Split 2005.

NJIGA O ARIEL ((B)ook About Ariel), Kaligraf: Sarajevo 2005.

ČITANČICA ZA DJEVOJČICE I PTICE (A Small Book for Girls and Birds) Međunarodni centar za mir/Planjax: Sarajevo/Tešanj 2008.

PRINCEZA ARIEL I YO (Princess Ariel and Yo), Bosanska Riječ: Tuzla 2010.

BAJKA O ZAČARANOM DANU (The Tale of the Enchanted Day) TKD Šahinpašić: Sarajevo 2010.

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