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In addition to the normal search capabilities, Live Search Books also featured:

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  • Hit density map allowing users to see where the search results fall in a given title
  • Preview window on the right displaying the title, author, cover image, summary, table of contents previews, hit density map, subject, publisher, published year, and ISBN
  • Limited page previews with page preview counter restricting users to sign-in to their Windows Live ID to view only the number of pages limited by the publisher
  • Search keywords within the book
  • Download the entire book in PDF format
  • Book viewer allowing users to view full pages or zoomed in, flip through the book page by page, and link to the book's table of contents

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Famous quotes containing the word features:

    “It looks as if
    Some pallid thing had squashed its features flat
    And its eyes shut with overeagerness
    To see what people found so interesting
    In one another, and had gone to sleep
    Of its own stupid lack of understanding,
    Or broken its white neck of mushroom stuff
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    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

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    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)