Live Ballads - Track Listing - CD


No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Horis Kardia (The Blower's Daughter)" (Without A Heart) Rebekka Roussi Damien Rice
2. "Ise Oli Mou I Zoi" (You're My Entire Life) Vicky Gerothodorou Soumka
3. "S'eho Erotefthi" (I'm In Love With You) Georgos Pavrianos Stefanos Korkolis
4. "Mia Zoi Mazi" (A Life Together) Vangelis Konstantinidis Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian
5. "Ipirhes Panda" (You Were Always There) Vangelis Konstantinidis Georgos Theofanous
6. "Na M'agapas" (You Should Love Me) Lefteris Papadopoulos, Eleftheria Iakovaki Lefteris Papadopoulos
7. "Pes Tis (Feelings)" (Tell Her) Ares Davarakis Morris Albert, Louis Gaste
8. "Den Ehi Sidera I Kardia Sou" (Your Heart Does Not Have Metal Rails) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous
9. "Xana" (Again) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas
10. "Kapote Tha 'Maste Mazi" (Sometime We'll Be Together) Natalia Germanou Nikos Karvelas
11. "To Hrono Stamatao" (I'm Stopping Time) Georgos Nikolaou Stratos Diamantis
12. "Se Thelo San Trelos" (I Want You Like Crazy) Ares Davarakis Stratos Diamantis
13. "Without You / Dodeka" (Without You / Twelve) Pete Ham / Filippos Nikolaou, Nikos Karvelas Tom Evans / Nikos Karvelas
14. "Agapa Me (Abrazame)" (Love Me) Pyhtagoras Julio Iglesias, Garcia R. Ferro
15. "O,ti Onirevomoun" (Everything I Dreamt Of) Phoebus Phoebus
16. "I'm In Love With You (S'eho Erotefthi)" (Horis Kardia) Ares Davarakis Stefanos Korkolis
17. "Horis Kardia (The Blower's Daughter) Remix by Scumka" (Without A Heart) Rebekka Roussi Damien Rice

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