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This program (instruction 901 to instruction 000) is written just using numeric codes. The program takes two numbers as input and outputs the difference. Notice that execution starts at Mailbox 00 and finishes at Mailbox 07. The disadvantages of this as a way of programming in machine code are discussed below.

Mailbox Numeric code Operation Comments
00 901 INBOX --> ACCUMULATOR INPUT the first number, enter into calculator (erasing whatever was there)
01 308 ACCUMULATOR --> MEMORY STORE the calculator's current value (to prepare for the next step...)
02 901 INBOX --> ACCUMULATOR INPUT the second number, enter into calculator (erasing whatever was there)
03 309 ACCUMULATOR --> MEMORY STORE the calculator's current value (again, to prepare for the next step...)
04 508 MEMORY --> ACCUMULATOR (Now that both INPUT values are STORED in Mailboxes 08 and 09...)

LOAD the first value back into the calculator (erasing whatever was there)

05 209 ACCUMULATOR = ACCUMULATOR - MEMORY SUBTRACT the second number from the calculator's current value (which was just set to the first number)
06 902 ACCUMULATOR --> OUTBOX OUTPUT the calculator's result to t
07 000 (no operation performed) HALT the LMC

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