Lithuanian Partisans (1941) - Executions


A large Lithuanian force could form the basis of a future claims to independence, that's why Germans began disarming Lithuanian partisans and recruiting fewer of them into auxiliary troops called the Battalion for the Defense of National Labor under orders of Colonel Bobelis. Before the end of June the new Lithuanian battalion in the strength of five companies carried out executions called the "White Terror". The massacres overlooked by SS Obersturmfuehrer Hamann, on Karl Jäger instructions and under his command, include:

  1. July 4, Kaunas - Fort VII - 416 Jews, 47 Jewesses: 463
  2. July 6, Kaunas - Fort VII - Jews: 2,514

In addition, a company-sized unit known as the Special Detachment (Ypatingasis būrys) carried out the mass executions at the Panierai pits. These were the Lithuanian vanguard of the White Terror.

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