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Since players can only ask for cards they do not possess, using the questions asked to others in the game, a player can deduce the card or set of cards a player has. From an information theory perspective, the optimal strategy for a player is to emit as much information as possible to his team-mates while simultaneously emitting as little information as possible to his opponents. Thus optimal strategy consists not only of asking for some cards that one needs, but not prematurely divulging the existence of all sets they have. Though there is a lot of strategy involved in the game, a very good memory is also needed on the part of the players. A perfect history of the game so far is more valuable than perfect logic based on incomplete information.

Another common strategy adopted is the stalemate-breaker. If the members of a team come to the conclusion that all the cards in a set are all held by their own team and they can correctly attribute them, they don't drop the set immediately. This set is kept as a stalemate-breaker. If at a later point in the game a player in the team is at the verge of finishing a set (i.e., he knows which opponent has which card) but is unable to do so because he does not get a turn, the stalemate-breaker is used. One of his team-members can declare the stalemate-breaker set when he gets the turn and pass the turn to him.

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