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Dark Magician

Yugi Mutou's key signature card. In the manga and anime, Yugi often uses the Dark Magician against various foes, making it his signature monster card. When in a duel against a strong foe, Yugi often 'evolves' Dark Magician to stronger forms using Ritual and Spell Cards. The Magician of Black Chaos and Dark Magician of Chaos are examples of its more powerful forms, along with Dark Magician Knight, Sorcerer Of Dark Magic, Dark Sage, Dark Paladin, and Dark Eradicator Warlock.

There is another Dark Magician series monster called Dark Magician Girl, which Yugi starts using in the Battle City arc of the manga and anime. While it is weaker than Dark Magician, it gains 300 ATK for every Dark Magician or Magician of Black Chaos in either Graveyard. The Dark Magician Girl also has another form called Toon Dark Magician Girl, which Pegasus uses it in his Toon Deck against Kaiba in the 4th season.

In the final arc of the manga and anime, a priest named Mahado served under Pharaoh Atem, using the Millennium Ring. In a fatal battle against Bakura, he allows himself to be killed, so that his spirit can become the Dark Magician. His apprentice, Mana, later becomes Dark Magician Girl.

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