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Destiny HEROes

A series of DARK-attribute Warriors, these are the trademark cards used by Aster Phoenix (Edo Phoenix in the Japanese version), introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. They are considered counterpart cards of protagonist Jaden's Elemental HEROes, and possess abilities pertaining to the passage of time, ranging from the displacement of his opponent's monsters into the future to the revival of his monsters or halving of his opponent's Life Points within a turn. In the same way, they have a wide support base of cards, some of which (Dark City, D-Cubic and Destiny Mirage) directly parallel the support (Skyscraper, Wroughtweiler and Elemental Mirage) for the Elemental HEROes.

Some of the Destiny HEROes include Diamond Dude (Diamondguy), Doom Lord (Devilguy), Dreadmaster (Dreadguy), Captain Tenacious (Diehardguy), Blade Master (Daggerguy) and Dogma (Dogmaguy). Many are based on various anti-heroes of British literature (such as Double Dude being a reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in contrast to American superhero-based Elemental HEROes). In the original series, all the Destiny HEROes had the suffix "Guy" and had names starting with "D" (Devilguy, Doomguy, Dogmaguy, etc.). The only exceptions were Plasma (though the original name is Bloo-D, which D is still a main part of the name),Dread Servant,Darkangel (lacking the "Guy" suffix), and the Final D, which is the fusion of D-HEROes Dogma Guy and Bloo-D, also known as Dragon D-End (Destiny End Dragoon).

Destiny HEROes served as a playable deck type, particularly while Elemental HERO Stratos was unrestricted. This deck type has proven a popular choice and has featured in some of the top eight decklists in "Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournaments". Beyond this, a decktype known as "Diamond Dude Turbo" (abbreviated DDT) also exists, relying on using Diamond Dude's effect in tandem with Destiny HEROes "Malicious" and "Dasher", as well as "Card Trooper" and the Spells "Destiny Draw" and "Magical Stone Excavation". The Deck Revolves around using 'Destiny Draw and Magical Stone Excavation with "Diamond Dude"'s effect to gain card advantage, as costs are not paid with "Diamond Dude"'s effect. "Malicious" and "Dasher" are sent to the Graveyard with the many discard effects featured in the deck so their effects can activate, allowing the player to get many monsters to the field. Another type of Destiny HERO deck is known as "Perfect Circle", which revolves around Destiny HERO - Disk Commander. By using cards like Destiny Draw and Foolish Burial to discard Disk Commander, players can then revive it continuously using Destiny HERO - Fear Monger, among other cards, and draw two cards every time Disk Commander is special summoned from the graveyard, allowing them to accumulate large hands with ease.

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