List of Ying Xiong Wu Lei Characters - Black Holy Country - Persians of Worship-the-Fire Cult

Persians of Worship-the-Fire Cult

Persia's Worship-the-Fire Cult (波斯 拜火教, Beisi Baihuojiao) is a war cult founded at Persia (波斯, Beisi). Zhuo Qing visits to Persia with the idea to cooperate with this cult for his way to be China's emperor.

Sophia (蘇菲亞, Su Fei Ya)
The 'goddess' of the Cult. Her virginity was taken by Garhun at her age of 14.
Respected Garhun (家林尊假, Jialin zunjia)
The head of prime ministers protecting Sophia.
Respected Sapah (沙婆尊假, Shapo zunjia)
She is the master of Sophia, and former wife of Garhun.

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