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  • X3D: Extensible 3D (X3D) is an international standard for real-time 3D computer graphics, the successor to Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)
  • XAML: a declarative XML-based vector graphics markup language
  • XACML: eXtensible Access Control Markup Language
  • XAP: Antenna patterns
  • XBEL : the XML Bookmark Exchange Language.
  • XBL: used to declare the behavior and look of 'XUL'-widgets and XML elements
  • XBRL: an open data standard for financial reporting.
  • xCBL: a collection of XML specifications for use in e-business.
  • xCal: the XML-compliant representation of the iCalendar standard
  • XCES: an XML based standard to codify text corpus
  • XDI: sharing, linking, and synchronizing data using machine-readable structured documents that use an RDF vocabulary based on XRI structured identifiers
  • XDuce: an XML transformation language
  • XDXF: for monolingual and bilingual dictionaries
  • XFA: enhance the processing of web forms
  • XForms: a format for the specification of a data processing model for XML data and user interface(s) for the XML data, such as web forms
  • XFT: a XML language used in travel industry
  • XHTML: a markup language that has the same depth of expression as HTML, but with a syntax conforming to XML
  • XHTML Basic
  • XHTML Friends Network
  • XHTML Modularization
  • XidML: an open standard used within the flight test instrumentation industry that describes instrumentation and how data is acquired, stored, transmitted and processed
  • XInclude: a processing model and syntax for general purpose XML inclusion
  • XLIFF: XML Localization Interchange File Format, a format created to standardize localization.
  • XLink: a language used for creating hyperlinks in XML documents
  • XMI: an OMG standard for exchanging metadata information via XML. The most common use of XMI is as an interchange format for UML models
  • XML Encryption: a specification that defines how to encrypt the content of an XML element
  • XML Information Set: describing an abstract data model of an XML document in terms of a set of information items
  • XML Interface for Network Services: definition and implementation of internet applications, enforcing a specification-oriented approach.
  • XML Resource: provide a platform independent way of describing windows in a GUI
  • XML Schema: a description of a type of XML document, typically expressed in terms of constraints on the structure and content of documents of that type, above and beyond the basic syntax constraints imposed by XML itself
  • XML Script: an XML transformation language, or a Microsoft technology preview for scripting web browsers
  • XML Signature: an XML syntax for digital signatures
  • XML for Analysis: data access in analytical systems, such as OLAP and Data Mining
  • XML pipeline: a language expressing how XML transformations are connected together
  • XML-RPC: a remote procedure call protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism
  • XMLmosaic - A programming language contained in xml code. The xml describes relationships between classes and contains the procedures.
  • XMLTerm: A Mozilla-based Semantic User Interface
  • XMLTV: a format to represent TV listings.
  • XMLVM: A format used to convert java .class files and .NET .exe files into other languages such as JavaScript or Objective-C
  • XOMGL: obtain large amounts of data from municipal government agencies.
  • XOXO: an XML microformat for publishing outlines, lists, and blogrolls on the Web
  • XPDL: interchange Business Process definitions between different workflow products
  • XPath (or XPath 1.0): an expression language for addressing portions of an XML document
  • XPath 2.0: a language for addressing portions of XML documents, successor of XPath 1.0
  • XPointer: a system for addressing components of XML based internet media
  • XProc : a W3C standard language to describe XML Pipeline
  • XQuery: a query language designed to query collections of XML data (similar to SQL)
  • XrML: the eXtensible Rights Markup Language, or the Rights Expression Language (REL) for MPEG-21
  • XRules: a rules language that expresses constraints, calculations, interdependencies, and properties that describe and exist among elements and attributes of an XML document
  • XSIL: an XML-based transport language for scientific data
  • XSL Formatting Objects: a markup language for XML document formatting which is most often used to generate PDFs
  • XSL Transformations: a language used for the transformation of XML documents.
  • XSPF: a playlist format for digital media
  • XTCE: describes binary blocks for telemetry and command exchange
  • XUL: a XML user interface markup language developed by the Mozilla project.
  • XUpdate: a lightweight query language for modifying XML data

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