List of Wettest Tropical Cyclones By Country - Taiwan


Wettest tropical cyclones and their remnants in Taiwan
Precipitation Storm Location Ref
Rank mm in
1 3060 120.5 Morakot 2009 Alishan, Chiayi
2 2319 91.3 Nari 2001 Wulai, New Taipei
3 2162 85.1 Flossie 1969 Beitou, Taipei
4 1987 78.2 Herb 1996 Alishan, Chiayi
5 1774 69.8 Saola 2012 Yilan City
6 1672 65.8 Carla 1967 Dongshan, Yilan
7 1611 63.4 Sinlaku 2008 Heping, Taichung
8 1561 61.5 Haitang 2005 Sandimen, Pingtung
9 1546 60.9 Aere 2004 Miaoli County
10 1500 59.1 Parma 2009 Yilan County

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