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The mountainous island archipelago is constantly struck by typhoons recurving out of the tropics, which are normally in extratropical transition as they pass through Japan. Typhoon Meari/Quinta of the 2004 Pacific typhoon season led to heavy rain at Owase with the highest 24 hour total of 741 millimetres (29.2 in) ending at 1500 UTC on the 29th. Typhoon Saomai in 2000 produced record rainfall at Nagoya, 584.2 millimetres (23.00 in) in 24 hours. Fran of the 1976 Pacific typhoon season holds the national 24-hour precipitation record of 1,174 millimetres (46.2 in).

Wettest tropical cycloneJapan
Precipitation Storm Location Ref
Rank mm in
1 1805.5 71.08 Talas 2011 Kamikitayama
2 1612.0 63.46 Fran 1976 Fukuharaasahi
3 1322.0 52.04 Nabi 2005 Mikado
4 1286.0 50.62 Kent 1992 Hidegadake
5 1243.0 48.94 Namtheum 2004 Asahimaru
6 1167.0 45.94 Judy 1989 Hidegadake
7 1138.0 44.80 Abby 1983 Amagisan
8 1124.0 44.25 Flo 1990 Yanase
9 1078.0 42.44 Bess 1982 Hidegadake
10 1020.0 40.15 Percy 1993 Ebino

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