List of Wettest Tropical Cyclones By Country - Dominica, Eastern Caribbean

Dominica, Eastern Caribbean

The islands of the eastern Caribbean are constantly threatened by tropical storms and hurricanes, mainly between August and October. Dominica is a rugged island, with spots of elevation as high as nearly 4,750 feet (1,450 m). As Hurricane Jeanne moved through the region, 422.3 millimetres (16.63 in) of rain fell during the 24 hour period ending on the morning of September 15, 2004.

Wettest tropical cycloneDominica
Precipitation Storm Location Ref
Rank mm in
1 422.3 16.63 Jeanne 2004
2 246.4 9.70 Edith 1963
3 150.1 5.91 Abby 1960
4 20.6 0.81 Flora 1963

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