List of Web Browsers For Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems - Graphical


Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Notes
Abaco custom rio For Plan 9
Amaya custom wxWidgets Also a web page composer tool
Arena custom Xlib discontinued testbed for W3C
Arora WebKit Qt FOSS
Beonex Communicator Gecko GTK+ Discontinued, a separate branch of the Mozilla Application Suite
Camino Gecko Cocoa Requires Mac OS X
Conkeror Gecko XUL FOSS
Chromium Webkit GTK+ close affinity with Google Chrome
Dillo Dillo FLTK versions prior to 2.0 were using built upon GTK+
Flock Gecko XUL Specialised version of Mozilla Firefox, discontinued
Galeon Gecko GTK+ Discontinued
GNU IceCat Gecko XUL Rebranded Mozilla Firefox, renamed from Iceweasel
iCab WebKit Cocoa Proprietary; versions prior to 4 used custom layout engine
Iceape Gecko XUL Rebranded SeaMonkey
Internet Explorer for Mac Tasman Carbon using Tasman in version 5, discontinued
Internet Explorer for UNIX Trident Motif (widget toolkit) Discontinued
Kazehakase Gecko GTK+ FOSS
Kirix Strata Gecko wxWidgets Proprietary
Konqueror KHTML Qt Default web browser for KDE
Midori WebKit GTK+ Default browser for XFCE
Mothra Custom rio Discontinued
Mozilla Application Suite Gecko XUL Discontinued
Mozilla Firefox Gecko XUL FOSS (with proprietary components)
NetSurf NetSurf GTK+, Framebuffer NetSurf is not tied to any particular UI toolkits. Currently GTK+ and framebuffer front end implementations exist.
OmniWeb WebKit Cocoa Proprietary. Using WebKit since version 5.5.
Opera Presto Xlib Proprietary.
Rekonq WebKit Qt FOSS
Safari WebKit Cocoa Proprietary
SeaMonkey Gecko XUL Community-developed version of now abandoned Mozilla Application Suite codebase
Shiira WebKit Cocoa For Mac OS X only, discontinued
Swiftfox Gecko XUL Proprietary; optimised build of Mozilla Firefox
Swiftweasel Gecko XUL Optimised build of Mozilla Firefox
TenFourFox Gecko XUL PowerPC build of Firefox for Mac OS X
tkWWW Custom Tcl FOSS
Uzbl WebKit GTK+ FOSS, follows the Unix philosophy.
Web WebKit GTK+ Versions prior to 2.27.0 were built upon Gecko
xombrero WebKit GTK+ renamed from xxxterm, FOSS, originated from OpenBSD community
Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Notes

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