List of Weapon X Members - Weapon X Staff

Weapon X Staff

  • Ajax (Francis) - A cyborg who was empowered and trained at the Weapon X facility. Former enforcer of Dr. Killebrew. Nearly killed in the past by Deadpool but recovered and slaughtered other survivors of Weapon X to track down Deadpool. Apparently killed by Deadpool.
  • Abraham Cornelius - Currently deceased
  • The Director (Malcolm Colcord) - Scarred by Wolverine. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Dr. Duncan - Current whereabouts unknown
  • Carol Hines - In charge of monitoring and recording the Adamantium bonding process. Killed by Aldo Ferro
  • Brent Jackson - Former S.H.I.E.L.D.. Defected to Weapon X and eventually became Director. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Madison Jeffries - Former member of Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight and the Zodiac, was brainwashed by the Weapon X. Retained his superhuman powers after the M-Day event. Currently a member of the "X-Club", started by Beast to try to solve the mystery of M-Day.
  • Dr. Killebrew - A geneticist. He mutated many of the subjects including Deadpool. Former commander of Ajax who would later kill him.
  • Professor (Thornton) - Directed the bonding of Adamantium to Wolverine who later would cut his hand off. He was later killed by Silver Fox
  • John Sublime - Current whereabouts and status unknown
  • Robert Windsor (Mr Sinister) - A guise taken by Mr Sinister. Currently active as Miss Sinister.
  • Dr. Zira

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