List of Wars Involving Greece - Ancient Greece - Classical Period - 5th Century BC

5th Century BC

War Start Of The War Finish Of The War Name of Conflict Start Of The Conflict Finish Of The Conflict Battle/ Siege Years Of Battle/ Siege
Greco–Persian Wars/ Persian Wars 499 BC 449 BC Siege of Naxos 499 BC
Ionian Revolt 499 BC 493 BC Siege of Sardis 498 BC
Battle of Ephesus 498 BC
Battle of Lade 494 BC
Battle of Miletus 494 BC
Battle of Malene 493 BC
First Persian invasion of Greece 492 BC 490 BC Siege of Lindos 490 BC
Siege of Naxos 490 BC
Siege of Karystos 490 BC
Siege of Eretria 490 BC
Battle of Marathon 490 BC
Second Persian invasion of Greece 480 BC 479 BC Battle of Thermopylae 480 BC
Battle of Artemisium 480 BC
Battle of Salamis 480 BC
Battle of Plataea 479 BC
Battle of Mycale 479 BC
Greek counterattack 479 BC 478 BC Siege of Sestos 479 BC-478 BC
Siege of Byzantium 478 BC
Delian League against Persian Empire
(Wars of the Delian League)
477 BC 449 BC Siege of Eion 477 BC–476 BC or 476 BC–475 BC
Battle of the Eurymedon 466 BC
Battle of Pampremis
Siege of Memphis 455 BC
Siege of Prosopitis
Battle of Mendesium
Siege of Kition
Battle of Salamis (Cyprus) 450 BC
Greek-Punic Wars 600 BC 307 BC First Sicilian War 480 BC 480 BC Battle of Himera 480 BC
Second Sicilian War 410 BC 340 BC Battle of Selinus 409 BC
Second Battle of Himera 409 BC
Siege of Akragas 406 BC
Battle of Gela 405 BC
Sack of Camarina 405 BC
Delian League against Greek States
(Wars of the Delian League)
(Before the First Peloponnesian War)
476 BC 460 BC Attack in the island of Skyros 476 BC or 475 BC
Attack in the island of Naxos 471 BC
Thasian rebellion 465 BC 465 BC Siege of Thasos 465 BC
Battle of Sepeia 494 BC
Battle of Cumae 474 BC
First Peloponnesian War 460 BC 445 BC Battle of Aegina 458 BC
Battle of Tanagra 457 BC
Battle of Oenophyta 457 BC
Second Sacred War 449 BC 448 BC Battle of Delphi
Battle of Coronea 447 BC
Samian War 440 BC 439 BC
Corinthian-Corcyrean War 435 BC 433 BC Battle of Actium 434 BC
Battle of Sybota 433 BC
Battle of Potidaea 432 BC
Peloponnesian War 431 BC 404 BC Archidamian War 431 BC 421 BC Battle of Spartolos 429 BC
Siege of Plataea 429 BC-427 BC
Battle of Naupactus 429 BC
Battle of Rhium/ Battle of Chalcis 429 BC
Mytilenean revolt 428 BC-427 BC
Battle of Olpae 426 BC
Battle of Idomene 426 BC
Battle of Delium 424 BC
Battle of Megara 424 BC
Battle of Pylos 425 BC
Battle of Sphacteria 425 BC
Battle of Amphipolis 422 BC
The years after the "Peace of Nicias" 420 BC 414 BC Battle of Mantinea 418 BC
Battle of Hysiae 417 BC
Battle of Melos 415 BC
Sicilian Expedition 415 BC 413 BC Siege of Syracuse 415 BC-413 BC
Decelean War/ Ionian War 413 BC 404 BC Siege of Miletus 412 BC
Battle of Panormus 412 BC
Battle of Miletus 412 BC
Battle of Eretria 411 BC
Battle of Syme 411 BC
Battle of Cynossema 411 BC
Battle of Cyzicus 410 BC
Battle of Abydos 410 BC
Siege of Chalcedon 408 BC
Siege of Byzantium 408 BC
Battle of Notium 407 BC
Battle of Mytilene 406 BC
Battle of Ephesus 406 BC
Battle of Arginusae 406 BC
Battle of Aegospotami 405 BC
Phyle Campaign 404 BC 403 BC Battle of Phyle 404 BC or 403 BC
Battle of Munichia 404 BC or 403 BC
Battle of Piraeus 403 BC
Notes Battle Year Of Battle
In the battle was not a Greek State, but a large army of Greek mercenaries that helped the Cyrus the Younger.
Xenophon wrote about this army of Greek mercenaries, in his work Anabasis.
Battle of Cunaxa 401 BC

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