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While Razor is not an Areala character per se—she is a London Night, Avatar Press creation--, she has crossed-over several times and Sister Shannon takes Razor's existence for granted. Even fiercer than Shotgun Mary who limits herself to only killing monsters, Razor is a Punisher-like badgirl vigilante who freely kills humans, from the chief villain of the group to the lowest paper-pusher. (She has even excused her actions on the account that "I'm just a badgirl.") She specializes in terror tactics and will remorselessly eviscerate or decapitate her foes. Razor is a known killer and is seemingly frowned on by the rest of society though she has on her side certain police officers. She is armed with Katara (कटार) or pata like weapons and is a good fighter, even proving a match for Sister Shannon—though Sister Shannon may have been holding back for fear of killing her.

Ironically despite her methods, she is good friends with Sister Shannon, whom she calls "penguin." Feeling somewhat guilty when she is around Shannon, she respects her for her skills and more importantly because she never lost her principles.

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