List of Vice Presidents of The United States By Age of Ascension - List of VPOTUS By Order of Their Death Including Cause and Place of Death, and Interment

List of VPOTUS By Order of Their Death Including Cause and Place of Death, and Interment

OD = Order of Death OO = Order of Office
OD Name Date of
OO Cause of death Age Place of death Place of Burial President served under
1 Clinton, GeorgeGeorge Clinton August 20, 1812 4 heart attack 72 Washington, D.C. Old Dutch Churchyard, Kingston, New York Thomas Jefferson, James Madison
2 Gerry, ElbridgeElbridge Gerry November 23, 1814 5 70 Washington, D.C. Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C. James Madison
3 Tompkins, DanielDaniel Tompkins June 11, 1825 6 50 Tompkinsville, New York St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, New York, N.Y. James Monroe
4 Jefferson, ThomasThomas Jefferson July 4, 1826, 12:30 PM 2 likely amoebic dysentery 83 Charlottesville, Virginia Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia John Adams
5 Adams, JohnJohn Adams July 4, 1826, 6:00 PM 1 likely heart failure caused by arteriosclerosis 90 Quincy, Massachusetts United First Parish Church, Quincy, Massachusetts George Washington
6 Burr, AaronAaron Burr September 14, 1836 3 stroke 80 New York City, New York Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey Thomas Jefferson
7 Calhoun, John C.John C. Calhoun March 31, 1850 7 tuberculosis 68 Washington, D.C. St. Phillips Churchyard, Charleston, South Carolina John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson
8 Johnson, Richard M.Richard M. Johnson November 19, 1850 9 stroke 70 Frankfort, Kentucky Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky Martin Van Buren
9 King, William R.William R. King April 18, 1853 13 tuberculosis 67 King’s Bend, Selma, Alabama Live Oak Cemetery, Selma, Alabama Franklin Pierce
10 Tyler, JohnJohn Tyler January 18, 1862, 12:15am 10 bilious fever, respiratory failure 71 Richmond, Virginia
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia William Henry Harrison
11 Van Buren, MartinMartin Van Buren July 24, 1862, 2:00 AM 8 asthmatic suffocation 79 Kinderhook, New York
Kinderhook Cemetery, Kinderhook, New York Andrew Jackson
12 Dallas, George MifflinGeorge Mifflin Dallas December 31, 1864 11 72 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
St. Peter’s Churchyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania James K. Polk
13 Fillmore, MillardMillard Fillmore March 8, 1874, 11:10pm 12 stroke 74 Buffalo, New York
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York Zachary Taylor
14 Breckinridge, John C.John C. Breckinridge May 17, 1875 14 54 Lexington, Kentucky
Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky James Buchanan
15 Johnson, AndrewAndrew Johnson July 31, 1875, 2:00 AM 16 stroke 66 Greeneville, Tennessee
Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, Greeneville, Tn. Abraham Lincoln
16 Wilson, HenryHenry Wilson November 22, 1875 18 stroke 63 Capitol Building Washington, D.C.
Old Dell Park Cemetery, Natick, Massachusetts Ulysses S. Grant
17 Colfax, SchuylerSchuyler Colfax January 13, 1885 17 heart attack 61 Mankato, Minnesota
City Cemetery, South Bend, Indiana Ulysses S. Grant
18 Hendricks, Thomas A.Thomas A. Hendricks November 25, 1885 21 66 Indianapolis, Indiana
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Grover Cleveland
19 Arthur, ChesterChester Arthur November 18, 1886, 5:00am 20 Bright's disease, apoplexy 57 New York City
Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, New York James Garfield
20 Wheeler, William A.William A. Wheeler June 4, 1887 19 67 Malone, New York
Morningside Cemetery, Malone, New York Rutherford B. Hayes
21 Hamlin, HannibalHannibal Hamlin July 4, 1891 15 81 Bangor, Maine
Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Maine Abraham Lincoln
22 Hobart, GarretGarret Hobart November 21, 1899 24 heart failure 55 Paterson, New Jersey
Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, New Jersey William McKinley
23 Sherman, James S.James S. Sherman October 30, 1912 27 57 Utica, New York
Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, New York William Howard Taft
24 Stevenson I, Adlai E.FOOOBAR!!!Adlai Stevenson I June 14, 1914 23 78 Chicago, Illinois
Evergreen Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois Grover Cleveland
25 Fairbanks, Charles W.Charles W. Fairbanks June 4, 1918 26 66 Indianapolis, Indiana
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Theodore Roosevelt
26 Roosevelt, TheodoreTheodore Roosevelt January 6, 1919, 4:00 AM 25 assumed coronary embolism,
inflammatory rheumatism
60 Oyster Bay, New York
Young's Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, New York William McKinley
27 Morton, LeviLevi P. Morton May 16, 1920 22 96 Rhinebeck, New York
Rhinebeck Cemetery, Rhinebeck, New York Benjamin Harrison
28 Marshall, Thomas R.Thomas R. Marshall June 1, 1925 28 71 Washington, D.C.
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Woodrow Wilson
29 Coolidge, CalvinCalvin Coolidge January 5, 1933, 12:45pm 29 heart attack 60 Northampton, Massachusetts
Notch Cemetery, Plymouth Notch, Vermont Warren G. Harding
30 Curtis, CharlesCharles Curtis February 8, 1936 31 heart attack 76 Washington, D.C.
Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas Herbert Hoover
31 Dawes, Charles G.Charles G. Dawes April 23, 1951 30 85 Evanston, Illinois
Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois Calvin Coolidge
32 Barkley, AlbenAlben W. Barkley April 30, 1956 35 heart attack 78 Lexington, Virginia
Mount Kenton Cemetery, Paducah, Kentucky Harry Truman
33 Wallace, Henry A.Henry A. Wallace November 18, 1965 33 Lou Gehrig’s disease 77 Danbury, Connecticut
Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa Franklin D. Roosevelt
34 Garner, John NanceJohn Nance Garner November 7, 1967 32 98 Uvalde, Texas
Uvalde Cemetery, Uvalde, Texas Franklin D. Roosevelt
35 Truman, HarryHarry Truman December 26, 1972, 7:50 AM 34 minor lung congestion; organ failures; cardiovascular system collapse, hypotension 88 Kansas City, Missouri Truman Library, Independence, Missouri Franklin D. Roosevelt
36 Johnson, LyndonLyndon B. Johnson January 22, 1973, 4:33PM 37 heart attack 64 Johnson City, Texas Lyndon B. Johnson Nat'l Historical Park
Johnson City, Texas
John F. Kennedy
37 Humphrey, HubertHubert Humphrey January 13, 1978 38 bladder cancer 66 Waverly, Minnesota
Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota Lyndon B. Johnson
38 Rockefeller, Nelson A.Nelson Rockefeller January 26, 1979 41 heart attack 70 New York City, New York
cremated remains scattered at his estate, Tarrytown, New York Gerald Ford
39 Nixon, RichardRichard Nixon April 22, 1994, 9:08PM 36 stroke, swelling of the brain
(see Death and funeral of Richard Nixon)
81 New York City Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, Yorba Linda, California Dwight D. Eisenhower
40 Agnew, SpiroSpiro Agnew September 17, 1996 39 acute leukemia 77 Berlin, Maryland
Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Timonium, Maryland Richard Nixon
41 Ford, GeraldGerald Ford December 26, 2006, 6:45PM 40 arteriosclerotic cerebrovascular disease and diffuse arteriosclerosis
(see Death and state funeral of Gerald Ford)
93 Rancho Mirage, California
Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan Richard Nixon

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List Of Vice Presidents Of The United States By Age Of Ascension - List of VPOTUS By Order of Their Death Including Cause and Place of Death, and Interment - Trivia
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