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Neptune High

John Bennett Perry plays Alan Moorehead, the Principal of Neptune High. When Moorehead was a teacher, he had an affair with then-student Mary, and she left their baby Trina Echolls at his doorstep. He then left the baby in the bathroom at the prom, knowing they would think it belonged to a student. Many years later, when Veronica discovers that he is Trina's father, Moorehead is fired as principal.

Duane Daniels plays Van Clemmons, the Vice Principal turned Principal of Neptune High. During high school, Veronica constantly gets into trouble and as a result regularly meets with Clemmons. Occasionally, Van Clemmons asks Veronica for help, once asking her to locate the missing school mascot. Clemmons is the one who instructs Veronica to organize some old files, which led to her discovering Moorehead as Trina Echolls' father. When Moorehead is fired as principal, Veronica realizes that it was Clemmons' plan all along to become principal. When Veronica graduates, Clemmons says that he cannot decide if his life will be easier or more difficult with her gone. Clemmons reappears in "Un-American Graffiti", where he is caught on tape being shot with a paintball gun by several Neptune High students.

Adam Hendershott portrays Vincent "Butters" Clemmons, a student at Neptune High and Van Clemmons' son. When he was a freshman, Vincent was pantsed by a bully and given the nickname "Butters". Vincent vowed revenge and that following fall, the jock who had humiliated him and those who did nothing to save him, found themselves having failed mandatory drug tests, essentially barring them from playing sports in their final year of high school. Veronica believed Butters to be behind the crime; however, she discovered the real culprits were a conclave of parents who rigged the drug tests so that their children could gain the spots opened up in the wake of the mass suspension of athletes. Later, when Butter's only friend Marcos Oliveres was killed in the bus crash and his parents sued the school, Veronica thought Butters was targeting the family, leaving them reminders of their son to torment the parents. She discovers that Butters and Marcos secretly ran the local pirate radio station, "Ahoy, Mateys!", which was infamous for its vicious slandering of the popular cliques at school. Butters tells Veronica that he had little contact with Marcos since the summer, when he came back from summer camp and quit the radio show without telling Butters why. Veronica later found out summer camp was an anti–gay camp he was sent to, and that the real culprit was Marcos' friend Ryan, who had a crush on Marcos and who sought to make the Oliveres suffer the same way they made their son suffer in regards to his potential homosexuality. Butters develops a crush on Mac, much to her disgust, and she is forced to attend Logan's "anti-prom" with him.

James Jordan acts as Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic, the deceased former janitor at Neptune High. He previously acted as a bat boy for Woody Goodman's baseball team, the Sharks.

Jonathan Chesner portrays Douglas "Corny", a Stoner, occasional ally of Veronica's. Corny is in the same graduation class as Veronica. Corny makes the bong that Veronica plants in Logan's locker in "Pilot". Resident stoner of Neptune High. Works at Cho's Pizza as a deliveryman. When he is mugged and tasered in "Versatile Toppings" he helps Veronica find the culprit. He appears to have somewhat of a crush on Veronica as seen in "Blast from the Past" when he nominates her for Neptune High's Homecoming Queen. He was the DJ in between the Faders's sets at the Homecoming dance his senior year. He's very proud of his brownie recipe claiming that "it's all in the butter." He appears to go to Logan's Alterna-Prom alone.

Krysten Ritter portrays Gia Goodman, the daughter of the influential Neptune citizen and professional baseball team owner Woody Goodman, and a student at Neptune High. Gia starts attending Neptune High after she transfers from a private boarding school. She attends the class field trip to Shark Field and meets Dick Casablancas, his brother Cassidy, Duncan Kane and Veronica for the first time. Gia rides the school bus on the way to the stadium, however she opts to ride in Dick Casablancas' limo with the other "09ers" on the way back. The bus crashes and all of the passengers die, except for Meg Manning. Later in the year, Gia invites Veronica to her slumber party. Veronica attends, however she has an ulterior motive and is investigating families that Meg babysat for. When Gia is sent footage of herself at her brother's soccer game, she hires Veronica to find the sender. Gia and Veronica's friendship is broken when a feud erupts between their fathers, and she fires Veronica from the case. When Veronica realizes that Gia's stalker is Neptune High's janitor Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic, she rushes to her aid. Lucky is arrested, but he is let go when the Mannings pay for his bail. He comes to school the next day with a gun looking for Gia; however he is shot and killed by school security.

Jessy Schram plays Hannah Griffith, an "09er" high-school sophomore student at Neptune High. Hannah meets Logan at the school carnival, and is surprised when he asks her out. Logan reveals to Hannah that her father, plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Griffith, is a cocaine user. He tells her that he is protecting his dealers, the Fitzpatricks, and has falsely testified against Logan in a murder trial. Hannah decides that she cannot trust Logan, because he is only dating her to get to her father, but she is quick to forgive him. When her father catches her being undressed by Logan, he sends Hannah to a boarding school in Vermont.

Kari Coleman portrays Deborah Hauser, a divorced sex education teacher with a bitter approach to her students, disliking all non-09ers and kissing ass to the 09ers. Veronica baby-sits her demonic son in order to find out if he is being abused. It is also revealed she was friends with Lianne Mars when they attended Neptune High as teenagers, and were suspended together for spreading a "false and malicious rumour". Mrs Hauser maintained that Lianne told her a rumour knowing it was false and Deborah passing it on unknowingly, however Veroncia found out the real story. Lianne's friend had an affair with a teacher at the school and became pregnant, and not knowing how to help, confised in Deborah, who passed the gossip around. This baby would end up being Trina Echolls. Mrs Hauser makes another appearance during the Winter Carnival at school where she steals money from the cashbox and tries to blame Veronica and Jackie. However, she is caught and deservedly fired.

Paula Marshall acts as Rebecca James, the school guidance counselor and briefly dated Keith Mars. Paula had previously worked with series creator Rob Thomas on his earlier series, Cupid. Veronica does not approve of their relationship and digs up information on her to change Keith's mind - information being Ms. James was arrested for passing bad cheques when she was 21. Ms. James and Veronica's relationship is strained because of this, although she does try to help Veronica discover the meaning of her haunting dreams in the second season.

Alona Tal recurs as Meg Manning, an "09er" cheerleader and the daughter of mentally abusive fundamentalist Christian parents. She initially appears when Veronica is the victim of a nasty prank and lends her clothes, and sticks up for her when other 09ers start insulting her. When an online purity test posts all the participants results, Meg's is faked to be unusually low and she gets a reputation as a slut. Veronica finds the person responsible for making this up about Meg (in "Like a Virgin"). When Meg asks Veronica to help find her secret admirer, she is keen to help, until she finds out that her secret admirer is Duncan Kane, Veronica's ex-boyfriend. Eventually, Veronica accepts Meg and Duncan's relationship. ("Ruskie Business") After finding out that he is not Veronica's half-brother, Duncan breaks up with Meg, who blames Veronica. Afterward, Meg's attitude towards Veronica is openly hostile. On the way back from a field trip to a baseball ground, while Veronica was talking to Weevil during a rest stop, Meg deliberately implied that Veronica had returned to the bus, causing it to leave without her. However, the bus subsequently careened off a cliff and into the ocean. ("Normal Is the Watchword")

Meg was the only survivor, but she remained in a coma for much of the second season. Meg has two younger sisters, Lizzie and Grace. While Meg was in a coma, Lizzie brought Duncan Meg's laptop, asking him to remove Meg's personal files from the system before her parents were able to check them. Duncan and Veronica found that Meg had compiled information about a child whom she often babysat. The young boy was being abused by his parents. Soon, the two uncovered that the abused child (who was referred to by Meg as a boy) was actually Meg's youngest sister Grace. Meg's parents are religious zealots who lock Grace in a closet when they are out, and make her fill out exercise book after exercise book with the phrase: "The path of God is paved with righteousness." Duncan and Veronica found dozens of these books in Grace's room. Veronica visited Meg in the hospital and discovered that Meg was pregnant, this being the reason she was so mad at Veronica. Shortly after she left, Meg awoke from her coma. ("My Mother, the Fiend") Meg apologized to Veronica for her harsh treatment and then asked Veronica to make sure that her baby wouldn't fall into her parents' hands should anything happen to Meg. Later that same episode, Meg died of a blood clot to the heart, but not before giving birth to her daughter Faith, who was later renamed Lilly by the child's father Duncan Kane. ("One Angry Veronica") Duncan flees to Australia with her to escape Meg's parents.

James Molina plays Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco, a PCH biker who betrays Weevil and starts dealing for the Irish gang the Fitzpatricks. Murdered deliberately by the Fitzpatricks and indirectly by Weevil and inadvertently but directly by Logan.

Leighton Meester plays Carrie Bishop, nicknamed the queen of gossip at Neptune High. She appeared in two episodes. She was known for faking an affair with a teacher who Veronica strongly thought was innocent. The teacher is found that he had in fact had a relationship with a previous student who had his baby, whom he denied and left. That student was the reason why Carrie had made these accusations. She also appeared in a later episode when Veronica is searching for the one responsible of raping her at Shelly Pomeroy's party. Carrie had told her that Duncan Kane was the one she saw with Veronica in the bedroom.

Michael Kostroff portrays Samuel Pope, the teacher of Future Business Leaders of America and one of the few ethical people of Neptune. He plans to retire to a life of sailing during the second season, after making a small fortune from real estate investment in Big Dick Casablancas' firm. Veronica discovers that the company is defrauding the investors and encourages Mr. Pope to get rid of his stock before she reports it, but he sadly replies he cannot do this; to get rid of it, he would have to sell it to someone else, and they would pay they price. He sadly admits he cannot do that, and cannot retire as planned. It is assumed he continues teaching at Neptune High.

Amanda Noret plays Madison Sinclair, Dick's ex-girlfriend and Neptune High's resident bitch. Shortly after Lilly's murder, at Shelly Pomeroy's party, Dick dosed Madison's drink with GHB to loosen her up; however, Madison spat in the drink, which she calls "A Trip to the Dentist", and gave it to Veronica. In turn, Veronica drank the soda, and was later raped by Cassidy Casablancas, then had sex with Duncan, who had also ingested GHB. The following year, Madison rigged the school election in order to get Duncan Kane elected to student body president. Veronica exposed the plot which resulted in Madison losing her place on the student council and the special privileges granted by the position. Veronica later discovers that Madison was switched at birth with Mac. It is shown that Madison constantly argues with her family, whereas Mac's parents have fully accepted Mac as their daughter, and have shown no signs of wanting anything to do with Madison. After breaking up with Dick, she is secretly involved with Sheriff Don Lamb ("The Rapes of Graff"). Veronica discovers this and mocks Madison about her relationship with Lamb in front of their classmates through innuendo that, while her classmates do not understand, had a meaning that was quite apparent to Madison.

Madison, having gone off to college at USC, is absent from much of Veronica's life at Hearst, until she had several run-ins with her in Neptune in the episode "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves". Veronica first sees Madison when she arrived unexpectedly at Neptune Grand Suite shared by Logan and Dick; thinking that Madison was simply looking up her ex, Veronica sent her on her way. Later, however, she ran into her again at a lingerie shop where Madison maliciously let slip that she had spent the night with Logan while in Aspen over Christmas break, when Veronica and Logan were split up. In the following episode, Veronica, consumed by images of Madison's tryst with Logan, follows her and eventually plots with Weevil to have Madison's new car crushed and cubed. Veronica has a change of heart, however, and asks him to return it unscathed, save for a can of tuna in her air conditioning.

Brad Bufanda acts as Felix Toombs, Weevil's former right-hand man. Killed supposedly by Logan, but actually by Thumper, a fellow PCHer. Bufanda originally tried out for the role of Weevil. Throughout season 1, Felix was known as a PCH bike gang member and Weevil's (PCH leader) best friend. At the end of season 1 someone knocked on Veronica's door and she smiled saying "I was hoping it would be you." Fans were on the edge of their seat trying to find out who it was. As many fans suspected and hoped it was Logan Echolls. Once there, a beaten Logan told Veronica the story of how he got that way. The PCH gang members beat the living hell out of Logan because: 1. They thought he killed Lilly Kane (Weevil's lover) 2. Logan knocked Weevil out cold. After Logan woke up from the beating he discovered that Felix had been stabbed and bled to death. During season 2 Weevil was on a mission to solve the murder of Felix Toombs. First Weevil suspected Logan, but later on he found out it wasn't Logan so he enlisted Logan's help to try to solve this case. During that time he found out the PCHers had been dealing drugs with the Fitzpatricks. Felix was secretly dating Molly Fitzpatrick (Liam Fitzpatrick's niece). Liam got Thumper (who at the time was Liam's lackey) to stab Felix. Weevil knew that Thumper did it but couldn't prove it. So, Weevil set up Thumper to look like he was stealing drugs and money from the Fitzpatricks. Liam and cousin Danny Boyd locked Thumper in "Shark Stadium" which was blown up by Logan (directly) and Woody Goodman (indirectly) with Thumper and his bike inside. Thus, finally resolving the murder of Felix Toombs.

Aaron Ashmore portrays Troy Vandegraff, the childhood friend of Duncan's; Veronica's boyfriend for the early stretch of season one. He betrays Veronica and leaves town, but he is somewhat reformed by the time they meet again later in the series. Troy and Veronica dated for a short time in Season One, but their relationship didn’t last long because Troy involved an unwitting Veronica in a plot to smuggle steroids from Mexico into the US. Veronica managed to find out his intentions before he was able to successfully complete his plan and run away with his real girlfriend. He later comes back in the episode The Rapes of Graff in Season 2 where he is accused of raping and shaving the head of a girl at Hearst College. Veronica ends up clearing Troy's name but doesn't find out who the real rapist is until the third season. Ashmore thought that Veronica Mars was a "great show", and loved the character of Troy.

Valorie Curry plays Jane Kuhne, student athlete at Neptune High and Wallace's girlfriend after he returns from Chicago. She is introduced in Season 1 while Wallace is pursuing Jackie as a distant admirer of Wallace who has been ignored. After Wallace returns from Chicago, he takes up with Jane. She is features in the episode "The Quick and the Wed" when her older sister disappears following a bachelorette party, and Veronica investigates the disappearance.

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