List of University of Rochester People - Notable Faculty - Current


  • Janet Catherine Berlo, art historian, Professor of Art History / Visual and Cultural Studies.
  • Stanley Engerman, economist/historian, served as President of the Social Science History Association as well as President of the Economic History Association.
  • Richard Fenno, political scientist and former President of the American Political Science Association
  • C. R. Hagen, Professor of theoretical physics, co-theorist of Higgs boson and Higgs mechanism. Recipient of 2010 Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics.
  • Robert L. Holmes, Secular pacifist and expert on nonviolent action.
  • Steven Landsburg, economist, Slate magazine columnist and popular author on microeconomics.
  • Walter Oi, Labor economist, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • H. Allen Orr, University Professor of Biology, winner of the Darwin–Wallace Medal awarded every 50 years for outstanding contributions in evolutionary biology.
  • Michael L. Scott, computer scientist and winner of the Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing
  • Emil Wolf, physicist and co-author, along with Max Born, of one of the standard textbooks of optics, Principles of Optics. Also predicted Wolf effect.
  • Ching W. Tang, physicist, inventor of Organic light-emitting diode and heterojunction organic solar cells, member of National Academy of Engineering, recipient of 2011 Wolf Prize in Chemistry.
  • Lionel W. McKenzie, economist, general equilibrium, co-creator of the Arrow–Debreu–McKenzie model.
  • Joseph H. Eberly, Andrew Carnegie Professor of Physics and Optics. Past president of Optics Society of America, and winner of Townes Award.
  • Daven Presgraves, Associate Professor of Biology. Winner of Dobzhansky Prize in Evolutionary Biology.
  • Edward L. Deci, Professor of Psychology, Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences. Co-founder of self-determination theory (SDT) with Richard Ryan.
  • Esther Conwell, Professor of Chemistry and Physics. Winner of the National Medal of Science and member of both the National Academy of Science and National Academy of Engineering.
  • Henry Kautz, Professor of Computer Science, former AAAI President and member of their editorial board
  • Jeffrey Bigham, Associate Professor of Computer Science, creator of WebAnywhere, recipient of the National Science Foundation's Career Award in 2012 and was named to MIT's Top 35 Innovators Under 35 in 2009

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