List of United States Senators From Vermont

List Of United States Senators From Vermont

Vermont was admitted to the Union on March 4, 1791. Its current United States Senators are Democrat Patrick Leahy and Independent Bernie Sanders. Leahy is the only Democrat ever elected to the Senate from Vermont.

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List Of United States Senators From Vermont - Class 3
... # Senator Party Years Congress Term Electoral history 1 Stephen R ... Bradley Democratic- Republican October 17, 1791 – March 4, 1 ... Elected in 1791 Lost re-election 2 ... Elijah Paine Federalist March 4, 1795 – September 1, 2 ... Elected in 3 ... Re-elected in 1801 Resigned Vacant September 1, 1801 – October 15, 3 ... Stephen R ...

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