List of United States Political Families (C) - The Cowles and Holdens

The Cowles and Holdens

  • William Woods Holden (1818–1892), delegate to the North Carolina Democratic Convention 1843, member of the North Carolina House of Commons, candidate for Democratic nomination for Governor of North Carolina 1858, Governor of North Carolina 1865 1868-1871. Grandfather of Charles H. Cowles.
    • William H.H. Cowles (1840–1901), Solicitor in North Carolina 1874-1878, U.S. Representative from North Carolina 1885-1887. Uncle of Charles H. Cowles.
      • Charles H. Cowles (1875–1957), North Carolina State Representative 1904-1908 1920-1924 1928-1930 1932-1934, delegate to the Republican National Convention 1904 1908 1912 1916, U.S. Representative from North Carolina 1909-1911, North Carolina State Senator 1938-1940. Grandson of William Woods Holden.

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