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Riff Raff

Appearances: The Great Gold Robbery, Whistler's Father, The Gold Bricks, Pain Strikes Underdog, From Hopeless to Helpless, Just in Case, RiffRaffville, The Vacuum Gun, movie

Riff Raff is an anthropomorphic wolf gangster. He leads an unnamed gang that often carry out various crime waves until they are stopped by Underdog. In "The Vacuum Gun," Riff Raff and his gang were among the criminals that were recruited by Simon Bar Sinister.

In the film, Riff Raff is redone as a Rottweiler who continues to pick on Shoeshine. Around the end of the film, Shoeshine barks at him enough to remove some of his fur.

Riff Raff is voiced by Allen Swift impersonating George Raft in the cartoon. In the film, Riff Raff was voiced by Brad Garrett.

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