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Original X-Men

Character Real name Joined in Notes
Founding members
Professor X Charles Xavier Ultimate X-Men #1 Team founder, headmaster of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters (now the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning). Presumed to have died in issue #78 and revealed to be alive in the future in issue #80. Rejoined the X-Men as headmaster and mentor once again in issue #93.

Deceased: Magneto snapped his neck.

Beast Henry "Hank" J. McCoy Ultimate X-Men #1 Team's medical doctor and biologist. Thought dead, but revealed to be alive and working for S.H.I.E.L.D. in issue #81. Rejoined the X-Men in issue #88.

Deceased: Confirmed by Jean Grey in issue #98 after being hit by the Ultimatum Wave.

Colossus Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin Ultimate X-Men #1 Left the X-Mansion in issue #80 to live with Northstar. Returned to the X-Men in issue #94 with no explanation to his return and an addiction to "Banshee". After battling the X-Men, Jean Grey revealed Northstar to still be alive after his supposed death. Colossus then returns (alongside his X-Men team) to Xavier's X-Men.
Cyclops Scott Summers Ultimate X-Men #1 Field leader. Left the team for a short while to join the Brotherhood, but later returned to the X-Men. Broke up the X-Men when Xavier "died". After Xavier's "death", Cyclops became headmaster of the Institute along with Jean Grey. Following Xavier's return, he returned to the X-Men. He began using Banshee and officially left Xavier's team for Colossus's team, before eventually returning.

Deceased: Killed by Quicksilver.

Iceman Robert "Bobby" Drake Ultimate X-Men #1 Youngest member of the original team. Student at the Xavier Institute. Left the X-Men when Cyclops disbanded them, without joining Bishop's new team. Returned as an X-Man after Xavier's return in issue #93.
Marvel Girl Jean Grey Ultimate X-Men #1 Girlfriend of Cyclops. Former teacher and former headmistress of the Xavier Institute. Went missing after issue #93. Returned in issue #94. Currently featured in Ultimate Comics X
Storm Ororo Munroe Ultimate X-Men #1 Second field leader. Helped Bishop make a new team of X-Men following Xavier's "death", before eventually returning. Longtime member of the X-Men.
Later recruits
Wolverine James "Lucky Jim" Howlett / Logan Ultimate X-Men #3 Formerly Magneto's assassin and the original Weapon X. Left in issue #80 to find answers about his past. Joined Bishop's X-Men in issue #83 and returned to the Institute after Xavier's return.

Deceased: Killed by Magneto in Ultimatum

Shadowcat Katherine "Kitty" Pryde Ultimate X-Men #21 Spider-Man's ex-girlfriend. Left the team in issue #79, featured in Ultimate Comics Spiderman.
Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner Ultimate X-Men #32 Former member of Weapon X. He was previously psychically incapacitated by Professor X for kidnapping Dazzler, but escaped in issue #79 following Xavier's death. Was made leader of the Morlocks afterward, but returned to the X-Men in issue #94 with no explanation on his return. Currently is an X-Man. He was revealed to be part of Colossus's team, but later returned to Xavier's X-Men. He was also thought to have been deceased by Jean in issue #98 after being hit by the Ultimatum Wave.
Rogue Marian Ultimate X-Men #32 Currently a student at the Xavier Institute and a member of the X-Men. She was revealed to be part of Colossus's team. She eventually returned to Xavier's X-Men after battling her teammates.
Angel Warren Worthington III Ultimate X-Men #40 Was expelled from the X-Men by Professor X as a cover for him to join Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow as a spy. He joined as a member of Bishop's new X-Men. He was shot and killed by Mister Sinister in issue #90 and later revived in issue #93 by Jean Grey/Phoenix, and is now an X-Man again. He was revealed to be part of Colossus's team. He soon returned to the X-Mansion and Xavier's X-Men.

Deceased: Killed by Sabretooth during Ultimatum.

Dazzler Allison "Ali" Blaire Ultimate X-Men #48 Left the X-Men after Nightcrawler kidnapped her in Ultimate X-Men Annual #2. Joined the new X-Men in issue #82. Returned to the Institute following Xavier's return. She was then revealed to be part of Colossus's team. After a battle against Xavier's X-Men, the separate X-Men teams conjoined into one again.

Deceased: In issue #98, after being hit by the Ultimatum Wave.

Syndicate Luke and Matthew (surname unrevealed) Ultimate X-Men #58 Conjoined twins, working as a private agent for Professor X. Never seen with the rest of the team until issue #93 where they became X-Men.

Deceased: One head was shot off by William Stryker, and then they both died of blood loss.

Magician Elliot Boggs Ultimate X-Men #69 Current whereabouts unknown.
Bishop Bishop (full name unrevealed) Ultimate X-Men #77 Time traveler from the future. Leader and founder of the new X-Men.

Deceased: Killed by Wolverine in issue #90.

Pyro (Presumably) John Allerdyce Ultimate X-Men #82 Former Morlock. Recruited into the new X-Men by Bishop and Storm in issue #82. Defected to the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. Had both his hands cut off by Valkyrie, and following Ultimatum is possibly dead.
Psylocke Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock Ultimate X-Men #84 Former S.T.R.I.K.E. agent. Inherited the body of a woman known as Kwannon after being possessed by Proteus and then killed by Colossus. Joined Bishop's team as a member of the new X-Men. Returned to the X-Mansion as one of Xavier's X-Men. Current whereabouts unknown.
Toad Mortimer Toynbee Ultimate X-Men #93 Former Brotherhood member. Became a teacher at the Xavier Institute after Cyclops disbanded the X-Men in issue #81. After Xavier was revealed to be alive and returned as Headmaster of the Institute, Toad became one of Xavier's X-Men. Current whereabouts unknown.
Firestar Elizabeth "Liz" Allan Ultimate X-Men #94 Friend of Mary Jane and Peter Parker from the Ultimate Spider-Man series. Joined the Xavier Institute and the X-Men after she found out she was a mutant. Was revealed to have returned to civilian life with her half-brother, Blob II, and later joined the Jeany Grey's new X-Team

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