List of Ukrainian Rulers - Migration Period (c. 200 – C. 800) - Hunnic Rulers

Hunnic Rulers

  • Balambér aka Bülümer (Bulümar, Balamir), conqueror of the Ostrogoths (376–378)
  • Baltazár aka Alyp-bi, Khan of the Western Huns (378–390), buried on Kuyantau (current Kiev)
  • Uldin aka Ulduz, Khan of the Western Huns (390 - c. 411)
  • Donatus, Khan of the Eastern Huns (c. 382 – 412)
  • Charaton aka Aksungur (Aksuvar), (c. 411 - c. 422)
  • Octar aka Oktar (Uptar ?), (c. 425 - c. 430)
  • Rugila aka Ruga (Rua, Roila), Yabgu (prince), then Khagan (432–434)
  • Mundzuk aka Aybat, Yabgu (390–434), Khagan (434)
  • Bleda, Khagan and ruler of Eastern Huns (Ak Bulgar) (434–445)
  • Attila the Hun, Yabgu of Western Huns (Kara Bulgar) (434–445), Khagan (445–453)
  • Ellac aka Ellak, Khagan and ruler of the Sabirs (453–454)
  • Dengizich aka Tengiz (Diggiz), ruler of the Akatziroi, (454–468)
  • Ernakh aka Bel-Kermek (Hernach), ruler of the Bulgars (455–465), and the Akatziroi (469–503)

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