List of Tunnels in The United Kingdom - Scotland


County Tunnel Type Length (Metres) Length (Imperial) Construction method / Notes Date of opening
Dundee Marketgait Tunnel Road 230 approx 250 yd Cut and cover
Midlothian Broomieknowe Tunnel Railway 393 430yd Closed 1951 1877
Glasgow Clyde Tunnel Road 762 833 yd 1964
Glasgow M8 Motorway, Charing Cross. Road Cut and cover, short sections
Glasgow Glasgow Subway Railway
Scottish Borders Whitrope Tunnel Railway 1,105 1208 Closed 1969 1862
Scottish Borders Penmanshiel Tunnel Railway 244 267
Scottish Highlands Nevis Tunnel Water 24,000 15 miles hydroelectric scheme
Stirling A9, City Centre Tunnel Road Cut and cover
Edinburgh Scotland Street Tunnel Railway 910 1000 1847
Edinburgh Bowshank Tunnel Railway 226 247
Edinburgh Innocent Tunnel, also St Leonard's Tunnel Railway 518 566 Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway. Closed 1968. Now a footpath and cyclepath. 1831
Glasgow Kelvingrove Tunnel Railway 870 950 Glasgow Central Railway. Closed 1964 1896
Glasgow Glasgow Harbour Tunnel Vehicle and pedestrian 213 233 3 bores. Vehicles hoisted to tunnel level. Closed 1987 1895

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