List of To Love-Ru Characters - The Tenjouin

The Tenjouin

Saki Tenjouin (天条院 沙姫, Tenjōin Saki?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi
The arrogant queen bee of the school, third-year student Saki consistently tries to one-up Lala, stating there can only be one "queen" in Sainan High. She once tries to seduce Rito to make Lala jealous, but when that does not work, Saki takes up any excuse to physically assault Rito. She gains a crush on Zastin, only to be horrified when she discovers he is Lala's servant. However, this makes her very determined to win his heart, at any cost. Though she can be stuck up and prideful, she has shown a kinder side to people in need, as when she saved Aya from bullies and Riko (Rito's female counterpart) from the perverted principal.
In the first anime, Saki attempts to seduce Rito throughout the series and does not look at Zastin the way she does in the manga.
In Mayoi Neko Overrun!, she is shown with her two friends at a ball in chapter 3.
Rin Kujou (九条 凛, Kujō Rin?) and Aya Fujisaki (藤崎 綾, Fujisaki Aya?)
Voiced by: Mai Hashimoto (Rin) and Kaori Mizuhashi (Aya)
Saki's loyal and assisting friends, Rin is skilled in the kendo arts and has been a loyal bodyguard of Saki for years, as her family has always served the Tenjouin in this position. Is the only person who has been able to take down Lala in one strike by throwing a vibrating bracelet onto Lala's tail incapacitating her. Always comes across as professional and serious although Yuto's perverted accidents sometimes test her patience and she was willing to back Saki up after hearing her reason for running away from home.
The bespectacled Aya is weak-willed and became associated with Saki after she and Rin protected her from bullies when they were kids. In the first anime it is shown that Aya has a license for heavy machinery when she grabs Rito out of the crowd using a crane during the Miss Sainan contest in which Saki challenged Lala to a contest to decide who was the most beautiful in Sainan high.
Ryuuga Tenjouin (天条院 劉我, Tenjōin Ryūga?)
The father of Saki Tenjōin and the Tenjōin Group Leader. At the beginning, because of his interest on sending his daughter to a prestigious foreign academy, he appears to be a strict man that does not listen to others. But later, when his daughter firmly states her wishes to stay with her friends (specifically Aya since Rin, as her bodyguard, would go with her anyway,) he accepted his daughter's wishes, and later revealed to his butler how proud he was of his daughter doing things her own way before exploding in laughter and stating: "She is a Tenjoin after all".
Kai Kujou (九条 戒, Kujō Kai?)
The father of Rin Kujō and the head butler of the Tenjoin family.
Arashiyama (嵐山, Arashiyama?)
The butler at the Tenjouin Family's Mansion.

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