List of To Love-Ru Characters - Sairenji Family

Sairenji Family

Haruna Sairenji (西連寺 春菜, Sairenji Haruna?)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
One of Rito's classmates and the girl of his affections, Haruna has similar feelings for him, having been attracted to his kind, gentle nature since junior high. Despite her growing love for Rito, which she believes to be unrequited, she usually suppresses her feelings and cannot confess to him because of her friendship with Lala, who also loves Rito. However, with some encouragement, she tells Lala of her ordeal, to which Lala accepts, claiming Haruna as her rival for Rito's heart, while remaining friends. She lives with her older sister in an apartment and has a severe fear of ghosts and the supernatural, the exception being Oshizu Murasame, to an extent. When frightened, she has a habit of grabbing the nearest thing around her – typically Rito – and swinging wildly, in an attempt to get rid of whatever frightens her. There is also a running gag to where Rito is about to confess to her, only for something (or someone) to come between it.
A highly responsible person, Haruna's personality can sway her classmates' hearts to vote for her as their class representative, even when she did not run to be a candidate. She is affiliated with the tennis club and a southpaw. According to Mio, Haruna's measurements are B78, W55, H80.
In To Love-Ru Darkness, it would appear Rito has yet to properly confess his feelings to Haruna, despite Lala pressuring him to do so and the fact he can have multiple wives if he became the King. This due to the fact he still has a monogamy viewpoint.
Akiho Sairenji (西連寺 秋穂, Sairenji Akiho?)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi
Haruna's older sister, she shares her apartment with Haruna. Extremely popular with the guys (having received confessions from two men at the same time), Akiho continuously turns them down, as her sister states she is not looking for love at the moment. However, she has been dating Yuu Kotegawa.

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