List of Thriller Films of The 1950s

A list of thriller films released in the 1950s.

Title Director Cast Country Sub-Genre/Notes
Armored Car Robbery Richard Fleischer Charles McGraw, Adele Jergens, William Talman Crime thriller
The Asphalt Jungle John Huston Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, James Whitmore Crime thriller
The Killer That Stalked New York Earl McEvoy Evelyn Keyes, Charles Korvin, William Bishop Crime thriller
The Man Who Cheated Himself Felix E. Feist Lee J. Cobb, John Dall, Jane Wyatt Psychological thriller
Mystery Street John Sturges Ricardo Montalban, Sally Forrest, Bruce Bennett
Panic in the Streets Elia Kazan Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes
Seven Days to Noon John Boulting, Roy Boulting Barry Jones, Olive Sloane
Side Street Anthony Mann Farley Granger, Cathy O'Donnell, James Craig Crime thriller
Stage Fright Alfred Hitchcock Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich, Michael Wilding, Sr.
Where Danger Lives John Farrow Robert Mitchum, Faith Domergue, Claude Rains
Where the Sidewalk Ends Otto Preminger Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, Gary Merrill
Woman on the Run Norman Foster Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, Robert Keith
Cause for Alarm! Tay Garnett Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan, Bruce Cowling
Fourteen Hours Henry Hathaway Richard Basehart, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes
Strangers on a Train Alfred Hitchcock Farley Granger, Robert Walker, Ruth Roman
Don't Bother to Knock Roy Ward Baker Richard Widmark, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Bancroft
The Narrow Margin Richard Fleischer Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor, Jacqueline White, Gordon Geberl
Sudden Fear David Miller Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Gloria Grahame
Without Warning! Arnold Laven Adam Williams, Meg Randall
The Big Heat Fritz Lang Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame
The Hitch-Hiker Ida Lupino Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy, William Talman
The Limping Man Cy Raker Endfield Lloyd Bridges Crime thriller
Vicki Harry Horner Jeanne Crain, Jean Peters, Elliott Reid
The Wages of Fear Henri-Georges Clouzot Yves Montand, Charles Vanel
Les Diaboliques Henri-Georges Clouzot Simone Signoret, Véra Clouzot, Paul Meurisse
Dial M for Murder Alfred Hitchcock Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings
Rear Window Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart, Grace Kelly
Witness to Murder Roy Rowland Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Gary Merrill
Bad Day at Black Rock John Sturges Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Anne Francis
Cast a Dark Shadow Lewis Gilbert Dirk Bogarde, Mona Washbourne, Margaret Lockwood
The Desperate Hours William Wyler Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March, Arthur Kennedy
Killer's Kiss Stanley Kubrick Frank Silvera, Jamie Smith, Irene Kane
A Kiss Before Dying Gerd Oswald Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Joanne Woodward
Kiss Me Deadly Robert Aldrich Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart
Mr. Arkadin Orson Welles Orson Welles, Michael Redgrave, Jack Watling, Patricia Medina Psychological thriller
The Night of the Hunter Charles Laughton Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, Lillian Gish
Rififi Jules Dassin Jean Servais, Carl Möhner, Robert Manuel Crime thriller
The Killing Stanley Kubrick Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Marie Windsor Crime thriller
The Man Who Knew Too Much Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart, Doris Day
Please Murder Me Peter Godfrey Madge Blake, Raymond Burr
While the City Sleeps Fritz Lang Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, Rhonda Fleming
Les Espions Henri-Georges Clouzot Curd Jürgens, Véra Clouzot, Gerard Sety Psychological thriller
Quatermass 2 Val Guest Brian Donlevy, John Longden, Sid James
Elevator to the Gallows Louis Malle Jeanne Moreau, Maurice Ronet, Georges Poujouly
The Quiet American Joseph L. Mankiewicz Audie Murphy, Michael Redgrave, Claude Dauphin
Touch of Evil Orson Welles Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles Psychological thriller
Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes Psychological thriller
Jack the Ripper Monty Berman, Robert S. Baker Lee Patterson, Eddie Byrne, Betty McDowall
Night Train Jerzy Kawalerowicz Leon Niemczyk, Teresa Szmigielowna, Zbigniew Cybulski Psychological thriller
North by Northwest Alfred Hitchcock Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint
The Testament of Dr. Cordelier Jean Renoir Jean-Louis Barrault, Jean Topart, Michel Vitold

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    Officers, seamen, gunners, marines,
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    The bearded man and the lad in his teens,
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    Joseph I. C. Clarke (1846–1925)