List of The Wedge Characters and Sketches - Season One - Jack and Jill Farmer Skits

Jack and Jill Farmer Skits

Season 1 and 2

  • Jack Farmer (Dailan Evans) - Jack is a farmer who owns a farm which is suffering from drought. He also have a son, who sometimes appears in the background. Jack and Jill's animals have died, they have lost $50 000 in crops, they have no phones, and possibly no electricity. Jack is constantly followed by flies, even on occasions when he leaves the farm and heads into the city. He frequently throws away chances of becoming rich by ignoring the "heavy metal" in his creek (actually gold) and throwing away wine that is "like 100 years old.". Despite his misfortune, Jack's mantra is "Could be worse" and is normally interrupted by the "f***ing flies".
  • Jill Farmer (Marney McQueen) - Jill is Jack's wife and most worthy companion. She sometimes has to leave the farm and is sometimes a little inconsiderate of Jack, for example, using him as a horse and carriage.
  • Ennis (Anthony Ahern) - Whenever Jill has to leave the farm, she is replaced by a (presumably homosexual) cowboy called Ennis (Anthony Ahern), a parody of Heath Ledger's character from Brokeback Mountain, leading to many homosexual double entendres, such as "Ennis is a big fan of my back paddock" and "Are we just going to leave our rods out?" (referring to fishing rods).

Note: Marney McQueen will not be returning. Therefore, the character, Jill Farmer isn't in the second season.

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