List of The Munsters Characters - Recurring Characters - Clyde Thornton

Clyde Thornton is Herman's co-worker at the funeral home, portrayed by Chet Stratton. When first introduced, Clyde is continuously tricking and ridiculing Herman into one of his practical jokes until Herman finally stands up to him and Clyde gets caught in one of his own traps. After settling their differences, in "Cyrano De Munster", Clyde uses Herman's poems to woo the girl of his dreams. When she finds out that Clyde is not the one writing the poems, she rejects him and inquires about Herman. After finally seeing Herman, the girl screams and runs away. Angry at seeing his dream girl so frightened, Clyde punches Herman in the jaw and consequently breaks his own hand. Like most of Herman's co-workers, Clyde does not seem to notice anything unusual about Herman's appearance, although he is impressed (and intimidated) by Herman's super-strength.

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