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Ducky, voiced by Judith Barsi (I), Heather Hogan (II-IV) and Aria Noelle Curzon (V-TV series), is a green Saurolophus, known colloquially as a Big Mouth, Duck Bill, or a Swimmer. Closer in design to a Saurolophus, Ducky nonetheless is consistently identified in official material as a Parasaurolophus, or in more ambiguous manners like a "perky, amphibious thing" by Hal Hinson of the Washington Post. She was incorrectly referred to as a platypus in the book, The Animated Films of Don Bluth that was retrieved on January 23, 2007. When speaking, Ducky does not generally use contractions or generalizations, though she does on a few occasions when singing. Ducky is sweet, caring and innocent, and tries to make peace during group conflicts, but is also very naive, to the point that she is mystified and confused when she finds that she feels anger, and has to ask Cera how one expresses anger. Often she will end her sentences with a convivial "Yep, yep, yep", which has become a staple of her character, and was written on the gravestone of her original voice actress, Judith Barsi, who was killed by her own father in a murder-suicide. She is very friendly and caring towards her friends.

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