List of The Kids in The Hall Episodes - Season Four: 1992–1993

Season Four: 1992–1993

Episode number Sketches
1 Cameraman Memorial, The Night I Connected With My Dog, Taxi Birth, Hookers: Undercover, Repair, Hair Styles, Rude Awakening, Hookers: Tourist, Would You Do An Alien?, Work Pig
2 Showdown: Phone Call (Parents), Age, AT&Love: Cathy, Kathy And The Beautiful New Girl, Showdown: Good Looking, Darill Dream, Showdown: Creature, Virtual Sex, Deer By The Water, The Escape Artist
3 Fiore!, Hookers: Holdin' Out, Fantasy, Plastic Surgeon, Hookers: Ventolin, Can You Dig It?, The Big House, The Pains, Hookers: John Wayne
4 The Pardoning, No Contest, Showdown: Fish, Hookers: Phone Sex, Evil Patients, Showdown: Bruce and Dave, Cheating, The Sandwich People, Mr. Wrong, Mrs. Ondaatje
5 Newscasters, The Fun Never Stops, Perks, Neckbone, So Says You, Sex Girl Patrol
6 Deer By the Water: Radio, AT&Love: Kathy-Big Bats, Apartment Games 1, Knife Sharpener, Food, Apartment Games 2, Forceful Friend, Maria, Apartment Games 3
7 The Beatles, Chicken Lady Homecoming, He's Hip: Hiring 1, Patient/Doctor, Things to Do, He's Hip: Hiring 2, He's Hip: Hiring 3, Judy Fran & Gaugin
8 Hookers: Rich Guy, Gavin: Religion, Try It Now!, Just Terrific, Hookers: Puppet, Coincidence, Listening In, Hookers: New Coke, Thanksgiving
9 Chalet 2000: A Hilarious Episode-Long Sketch Starring Buddy and the Queen of England
10 Receptionist, Walk a Mile In My Shoes, Cops: Rookie Trick Question, A Soulfulness They Never Had, Cops: Rookie Coffee, Answering Machine, Celebrity, Cops: Rookie Puke, Divorce Court
11 Alan Bouvier, Career Crisis, Nice Day For Work, Hookers: Plastic Surgery, Armada: Understudy, Hookers: Commitment, Lost and Found, Clothesline, Hookers: Too Easy, Comfortable High
12 Luck, Fine Line, Tuck It In, Losing My Religion, Serpico, The Hangover, Wild Man
13 Cops: Fridge, Third Time Lucky, Cops: Spring, Exposed, Hookers: Documentaries, Nudity, Cops: Europe, Business World, Katnapped
14 Cannibal, Children, Bellini Contest, Wrong Number, Tammy: Roses, Borrowed Art
15 New Guy, Dad and Son Phone Call, Cops: Puck, Clear the Air, Seat 12B, Cops: Hair, Roller Bladers, Love and Sausages
16 Guilt, The Kathi's: Monday Meeting, The Voices, Steps: Hot, Becoming A Man, Steps: Drag, The Collector, Steps: Issues
17 Pops, Poker Face, Cheers, Cops: Worms, The Nap, Cops: Hungover, Contest, Just One Bite
18 Hookers: Transvestite, Excellent Composer, Hookers: Movie Star, Quarter Life Crisis, Cemetery, Drunk As a Crow, Advantage
19 People: Bike Courier, Ricardo, Chargin' Ya, Atrium, People: Winnipeg Chick, Art Studio, People: Hopeless Romantic, Surrogate
20 Cabbie, Seminar: "Gezbo", Diploma, Cabbie Two, On Board, Scary Sandwich, Extreme Argument
21 (compilation) Fiore!, Things To Do, The Collector, Steps: Hot, The Night I Connected With My Dog, The Escape Artist, Steps: Issues
22(compilation) Cannibal, Try it Now!, Hookers: Puppet, Lost and Found, Career Crisis, Hookers: Transvestites, Answering Machine, Chicken Lady Homecoming

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