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Master Li (Yu Rongguang) Cheng's Wushu (Kung Fu) instructor and the secondary antagonist (later becomes the true antagonist) of the film. Like John Kreese, Master Li teaches his students to be ruthless and merciless towards their enemy, as well as using cheap shots to injure their competitions at the Kung Fu tournament. When Cheng told him that Mr. Han and Dre bullied him when the two protagonists arrived at 'The Fighting Dragon' studio to make peace, Li forces either Mr. Han or Dre to fight Cheng. Mr. Han promises Li that Dre will compete at the opening Kung Fu tournament. During the tournament, Master Li instructs Liang, one of the most daring fighters of the group, to deliver an illegal strike to Dre's leg, disallowing him to continue the tournament and allowing Cheng to win the tournament by default. Ultimately, Dre returns to the ring and ultimately defeats Cheng, much to Li's anger. In the alternate ending, Master Li was about to punish Cheng by beating him up for failing the tournament and developing a new respect towards Dre and Mr. Han. Luckily, Mr. Han stops Li from doing so and defeats him in a match. Dre's mother would then later slap Master Li in the face as retribution for ordering Liang to deliver the illegal strike on Dre's leg (this entire scene is similar to the beginning of Karate Kid, Part II, and is implied that this is how the remake of the Karate Kid sequel will begin, if possible). According to Mr. Han, Master Li does not teach his students real Kung Fu; he instead is a "bad man teaching them very bad things". Also, unlike Cheng, who is known to accept loss fairly and gives a newfound respect towards his opponents, Master Li is truly ruthless and merciless towards his opponents.

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