List of The Karate Kid Characters - The Karate Kid Remake - Cheng

Cheng (陆伟程 Lù Wěichéng, Zhenwei Wang) is Dre's opponent and the main antagonist of the film. He is seemingly older than Dre, and continually harasses him throughout the film for Dre's interactions with his possible love interest, Mei Ying. He also is a student of Master Li, who teaches his students to treat their enemies and opponents without mercy. He also goes as far as drastically beating him in the secluded back entrance of Dre's apartment before being stopped and defeated by Mr. Han. Cheng is much like Johnny Lawrence: being the bully of the school, wealthy, well-known, and distressing and thrashing the protagonist. Similarly as in the first 'The Karate Kid' film, Dre earns Cheng's respect when he beats him at the finals of the 'Open Kung Fu Tournament' and Cheng personally awards Dre the trophy and he and his friends showed Mr. Han respect. In the alternative ending, Cheng is about to get beaten up by Master Li for failing the tournament and showing respect towards Dre and Mr. Han, but luckily, Han comes to the rescue by defeating Master Li in a match. This is similar to the opening scene in Karate Kid, Part II (Miyagi rescues Johnny from John Kreese) and is implied that this is how the remake of the sequel will begin, on the account that there will be a Karate Kid 2 with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith reprising their roles, respectively.

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