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Russian Empire

  • Sophia (traditional Chinese: 蘇菲亞; simplified Chinese: 苏菲亚; pinyin: Sūfēiyǎ) is a half sister of Peter I. She becomes regent of Russia with Wei Xiaobao's help.
  • Alexei Mikhailovich (traditional Chinese: 阿萊克修斯‧米海洛維支; simplified Chinese: 阿莱克修斯‧米海洛维支; pinyin: Āláikèxīusī Míhǎiluòwéizhī) is Sophia's father.
  • Peter I (Chinese: 彼得一世; pinyin: Bǐdé Yīshì) was the Tsar of Russia.
  • Ivan (Chinese: 伊凡; pinyin: Yīfán) is a half brother of Peter I and co-ruler of Russia.
  • Natalia (traditional Chinese: 娜達麗亞; simplified Chinese: 娜达丽亚; pinyin: Nàdálìyǎ) is the dowager tsarina of Russia. She was killed by the army that defected to Sophia.
  • (Alexei) Tolbuzin (traditional Chinese: 圖爾布青; simplified Chinese: 图尔布青; pinyin: Tú'ěrbùqīng) is a Russian general. He argues with Wei Xiaobao about the border between the Qing Empire and Russia.
  • Yarkinsky (traditional Chinese: 亞爾青斯基; simplified Chinese: 亚尔青斯基; pinyin: Yà'ěrqīngsījī) is the commander of the Russian forces stationed in Albazino and Nerchinsk.
  • Fedor Golovin (traditional Chinese: 費要多羅‧果羅文; simplified Chinese: 费要多罗‧果罗文; pinyin: Fèiluóduōluó Guǒluówén) is a Russian envoy to the Qing Empire.
  • Sophia's bodyguards:
    • Vabersky (traditional Chinese: 華伯斯基; simplified Chinese: 华伯斯基; pinyin: Huàbósījī)
    • Tsironov (traditional Chinese: 齊洛諾夫; simplified Chinese: 齐洛诺夫; pinyin: Qíluònuòfū)

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