List of The Deer and The Cauldron Characters - Miscellaneous Characters

Miscellaneous Characters

  • The Shunzhi Emperor (traditional Chinese: 順治皇帝; simplified Chinese: 顺治皇帝; Mandarin Pinyin: Shùnzhì Huángdì; Jyutping: Seon6-zi6 Wong4-dai3) was the former ruler of the Qing Empire and the Kangxi Emperor's father. He disappeared from the palace after his favourite concubine Consort Donggo died and he is presumed dead. It is revealed later that he has become a monk in Qingliang Temple (清涼寺) on Mount Wutai and has adopted a new name, Xingchi (traditional Chinese: 行癡; simplified Chinese: 行痴; Mandarin Pinyin: Xíngchī; Jyutping: Hang4-ci1). He is temporarily reunited with his son with Wei Xiaobao's help, but decides to permanently retire from worldly affairs and continue being a monk. He gives some brief advice to his son on governing the empire.
  • Xingdian (traditional Chinese: 行癲; simplified Chinese: 行癫; Mandarin Pinyin: Xíngdiān; Jyutping: Hang4-din1) is Xingchi's junior. He possesses immense strength and once protected Xingchi from enemies with his life.
  • Shaolin Sect:
    • Huicong (traditional Chinese: 晦聰; simplified Chinese: 晦聪; pinyin: Huìcōng) is the abbot of Shaolin.
    • Chengguang (Chinese: 澄光; pinyin: Chéngguāng) is the abbot of Qingliang Temple (清涼寺) on Mount Wutai. He is also one of the "Eighteen Arhats" of Shaolin.
    • Chengshi (traditional Chinese: 澄識; simplified Chinese: 澄识; pinyin: Chéngshí) is the head of Shaolin's Discipline Hall.
    • Chengguan (traditional Chinese: 澄觀; simplified Chinese: 澄观; pinyin: Chéngguān) is the head of Shaolin's Prajna Hall.
    • Chengxin (Chinese: 澄心; pinyin: Chéngxīn)
    • Chengtong (Chinese: 澄通; pinyin: Chéngtōng)
    • Fasheng (traditional Chinese: 法勝; simplified Chinese: 法胜; pinyin: Fǎshèng)
    • Jingji (traditional Chinese: 淨濟; simplified Chinese: 净济; pinyin: Jìngjì)
    • Jingqing (traditional Chinese: 淨清; simplified Chinese: 净清; pinyin: Jìngqīng)
    • Jingben (traditional Chinese: 淨本; simplified Chinese: 净本; pinyin: Jìngběn)
    • Jingyuan (traditional Chinese: 淨源; simplified Chinese: 净源; pinyin: Jìngyuán)
  • Wudang Sect:
    • Taoist Yunyan (traditional Chinese: 雲雁道人; simplified Chinese: 云雁道人; pinyin: Yúnyàn Dàorén)
    • Taoist Yunhe (traditional Chinese: 雲鶴道人; simplified Chinese: 云鹤道人; pinyin: Yúnhè Dàorén)
  • Wangwu Sect (王屋派):
    • Yuan Yifang (traditional Chinese: 元義方; simplified Chinese: 元义方; pinyin: Yuán Yìfāng)
    • Situ Bolei (Chinese: 司徒伯雷; pinyin: Sītú Bóléi) is the sect's leader. He was a former subordinate of Wu Sangui.
    • Situ He (traditional Chinese: 司徒鶴; simplified Chinese: 司徒鹤; pinyin: Sītú Hè) is Situ Bolei's son.
  • Mongols:
    • Galdan (traditional Chinese: 葛爾丹; simplified Chinese: 葛尔丹; Mandarin Pinyin: Gé'ěrdān; Jyutping: Got3-ji5-daan1) is a Mongol prince who allies with Wu Sangui during the rebellion staged by the latter. He initially blames Wei Xiaobao for the failure of the revolt but is later deceived by Wei into believing that Wu Sangui betrayed him. He becomes sworn brothers with Wei. He marries A'qi later.
    • Hantiemo (Chinese: 罕帖摩; pinyin: Hàntiēmó) is an envoy sent by Galdan to meet Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao tricks him into describing the full plans of Wu Sangui's rebellion and then has Hantiemo arrested and sent to the Kangxi Emperor.
  • Tibetans:
    • Bayan (traditional Chinese: 巴顏; simplified Chinese: 巴颜; pinyin: Bāyán)
    • Shengluotuo (traditional Chinese: 勝羅陀; simplified Chinese: 胜罗陀; pinyin: Shèngluótuó)
    • Dahe'er (traditional Chinese: 達和爾; simplified Chinese: 达和尔; pinyin: Dáhé'ěr)
    • Sangye (traditional Chinese: 桑結; simplified Chinese: 桑结; pinyin: Sāngjié)
    • Hubayin (Chinese: 呼巴音; pinyin: Hūbāyīn)
  • Mao Shiba (Chinese: 茅十八; Mandarin Pinyin: Máo Shíbā; Jyutping: Maau4 Sap6-baat3) is a jianghu martial artist and outlaw. He brings Wei Xiaobao to Beijing, where both of them are kidnapped by Hai Dafu and brought into the palace. He escapes later and is saved by members of the Heaven and Earth Society. He meets Wei again later when the latter joins the society. He accuses Wei of being a traitor when the latter is forced to help the Kangxi Emperor persecute the society. He is captured and sentenced to death but Wei saves him by making him switch places with Feng Xifan.
  • Gui family:
    • Gui Xinshu (traditional Chinese: 歸辛樹; simplified Chinese: 归辛树; Mandarin Pinyin: Guī Xīnshù; Jyutping: Gwai1 San1-syu6), nicknamed "Invincible Divine Fists" (traditional Chinese: 神拳無敵; simplified Chinese: 神拳无敌; Mandarin Pinyin: Shénquán Wúdí; Jyutping: San4-kyun4 mou4-dik6), is a member of the Mount Hua Sect. He is killed together with his family by imperial guards.
    • Gui Erniang (traditional Chinese: 歸二娘; simplified Chinese: 归二娘; Mandarin Pinyin: Guī Èrniáng; Jyutping: Gwai1 Ji6-noeng4) is Gui Xinshu's wife.
    • Gui Zhong (traditional Chinese: 歸鐘; simplified Chinese: 归钟; Mandarin Pinyin: Guī Zhōng; Jyutping: Gwai1 Zung1) is Gui Xinshu and Gui Erniang's son. He first appeared in Sword Stained with Royal Blood as a sickly infant.
  • He Tieshou (traditional Chinese: 何鐵手; simplified Chinese: 何铁手; Mandarin Pinyin: Hé Tiéshǒu; Jyutping: Ho4 Tit3-sau2) is a character from Sword Stained with Royal Blood. She saved the female members of the Zhuang family from exile and taught them martial arts.
  • The Third Young Mistress Zhuang (traditional Chinese: 莊三少奶; simplified Chinese: 庄三少奶; pinyin: Zhuāng Sān Shàonǎi) is the matriarch of the Zhuang family and a student of He Tieshou. She leads the family after its male members were all massacred by Oboi. She is grateful to Wei Xiaobao for helping them take their revenge, and she tells Shuang'er to accompany him.
  • Hu Yizhi (Chinese: 胡逸之; Mandarin Pinyin: Hú Yìzhī; Jyutping: Wu4 Jat6-zi1), nicknamed "Hundred Victorious Saber King" (traditional Chinese: 百勝刀王; simplified Chinese: 百胜刀王; Mandarin Pinyin: Bǎishèng Dāo Wáng; Jyutping: Baak3-sing3 Dou1 Wong4) and "Handsome Saber King" (Chinese: 美刀王; Mandarin Pinyin: Měi Dāo Wáng; Jyutping: Mei5 Dou1 Wong4), is a martial artist who specialises in saber techniques. He has a crush on Chen Yuanyuan and has maintained his crush since many years ago. He follows Chen Yuanyuan to Yunnan and disguises himself so that he can remain near her and protect her from any danger. He meets Wei Xiaobao and becomes sworn brothers with him.
  • Zha Yihuang (Chinese: 查伊璜; traditional Chinese: 查伊璜; Mandarin Pinyin: Zhā Yīhuáng; Jyutping: Zaa1 Ji1-wong4), also known as Zha Jizuo (traditional Chinese: 查繼佐; simplified Chinese: 查继佐; Mandarin Pinyin: Zhā Jìzuǒ; Jyutping: Zaa1 Gai3-zo3), is a scholar. This character is a possible ancestor of the novel's writer Jin Yong, whose real name is Zha Liangyong.
  • Ma Boren (traditional Chinese: 馬博仁; simplified Chinese: 马博仁; pinyin: Mǎ Bórén) is the leader of the Tantui Sect (潭腿門).
  • Lei Yixiao (traditional Chinese: 雷一嘯; simplified Chinese: 雷一啸; pinyin: Léi Yīxiào) is nicknamed "Tiger Faced Hegemon King" (Chinese: 虎面霸王; pinyin: Hǔmiàn Bàwáng).
  • Wu Tong (Chinese: 武通; pinyin: Wǔ Tōng), nicknamed "Golden Spear King" (traditional Chinese: 金槍王; simplified Chinese: 金枪王; pinyin: Jīn Qiāng Wáng), is the leader of the Wusheng Escort Agency (武勝鏢局).
  • Shenzhao Shangren (Chinese: 神照上人; pinyin: Shénzhào Shàngrén)
  • Song San (Chinese: 宋三; pinyin: Sòng Sān) is nicknamed "Swift Horse" (traditional Chinese: 快馬; simplified Chinese: 快马; pinyin: Kuàimǎ).
  • Yu Ba (Chinese: 于八; pinyin: Yú Bā) is nicknamed "One Stroke Less" (traditional Chinese: 少一劃; simplified Chinese: 少一划; pinyin: Shǎoyīhuà).
  • Xinxi (Chinese: 心溪; pinyin: Xīnxī) is the abbot of Foguang Temple (佛光寺) on Mount Wutai.
  • Yao Chun (Chinese: 姚春; pinyin: Yáo Chūn) is a physician.
  • Huangfu Ge (traditional Chinese: 皇甫閣; simplified Chinese: 皇甫阁; pinyin: Huángfǔ Gé)
  • He Sheng (Chinese: 何盛; pinyin: Hé Shèng)
  • Tang Ruowang (traditional Chinese: 湯若望; simplified Chinese: 汤若望; pinyin: Tāng Ruòwàng)
  • Nanhuairen (traditional Chinese: 南懷仁; simplified Chinese: 南怀仁; pinyin: Nánhuáirén) is a Belgian who visits China.
  • Gu Yanwu (traditional Chinese: 顧炎武; simplified Chinese: 顾炎武; pinyin: Gù Yánwǔ)
  • Huang Zongxi (Chinese: 黄宗羲; traditional Chinese: 黄宗羲; pinyin: Huáng Zōngxī)
  • Lü Liuliang (traditional Chinese: 呂留良; simplified Chinese: 吕留良; pinyin: Lǚ Líuliáng)

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