List of The Chaser's War On Everything Episodes - Series 1 (2006)

Series 1 (2006)

Original Air Date TV Broadcast Synopsis #
17 February 2006 S01E01
  • Intro joke; Special Guest Corpse: Kerry Packer
  • Stunt; Kerry Packer, pull memorial off the air.
  • Stunt; Kerry Packer Memorial Fund.
  • Ad/Trailer; Mega Cheese Crust Pizza.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Stephen Smith - What is the World's second largest mountain? (incorrect) (K2).
  • Surprise Spruiker; Giorgio Armani, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations and Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • Subtitle; A Message From Osama Bin Laden.
  • Stunt; Meat at The Big Day Out.
  • This Week's Subliminal Message: "Pausing to read this Subliminal message probably isn't worth the effort, don't you agree?"
  • Ad/Trailer; The Road To Turin.
  • Firth in the USA; Super Bowl.
  • In Other News...; AWB kickback scandal, Abortion Drug, Eddie McGuire, British Soldiers Bashing Iraqis and Bali 9.
  • Ad/Trailer; Evade Aid.
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 1: Dodgy Guys.
  • Mr. Ten Questions; Hugh Jackman.
24 February 2006 S01E02
  • Intro joke; Special Guest Scientologist: Tom Cruise
  • Stunt; Promoting Today on Sunrise.
  • Subtitle; Another Saddam Outburst
  • Surprise Spruiker; Australian Wheat Board.
  • Ads/Trailer; The Biggest Loser, Kim Beazley.
  • Stunt; Preferred Prime Minister Kim Beazley or..., Steve Vizard, David Hicks, Ivan Milat, Adolf Hitler, Plank of wood and Steaming turd.
  • Famous Face Off; News reading, Richard Morecroft (11 mistakes) and Jacinta Tynan (17 mistakes).
  • Stunt; Bonehead live cross (19.02 seconds).
  • Firth In The USA; Guns.
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 2: Experts. (Experts at bookshelves, Experts who use mouses, Experts who walk up to secretary, talk and exchange files, Experts who flip pages and experts who walk).
  • Mr. Ten Questions; Charlize Theron.
  • ...; Bill Clinton, AWB, Asian bird flu, Ian Thorpe, Ben Cousins and Tony Abbott.
  • Ad/Trailer; Tropfest (Busting).
  • Song; Musical note.
  • The dog's name was Sunny.
3 March 2006 S01E03
  • Ad/Trailer; Rug Emporium Part 1.
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Star, Dan Brown.
  • Stunt; John Howard Anniversary Present, Heart.
  • Stunt; Where The Bloody Hell Are You? ('So, Get Your Fucking Arse Over Here', 'Don't be a Prick, Visit Australia,', Australia's Shit-Hot, So get Your Dickhead Arse The Fuck Down Here', 'Australia, 'It Shits All Over Everywhere else', '(Dear sir) Fuck Australia's Fucking Great So Why The Fuck Aren't You Here Mother Fucker' 'Australia, It's Free Of Fuckwits' and 'View this Beautiful Landscape, You Arsehole/View this Fucking Beautiful Landscape')
  • Ad/Trailer; John Howard.
  • Subtitle; A Message From Osama Bin Laden.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Backstreet Boys - What is the capital of Australia? (incorrect) (Canberra)
  • Stunt; Mosque in Mosman.
  • Ad/Trailer; Rug Emporium Part 2.
  • Firth In The USA; Cool.
  • Ad/Trailer; Commonwealth Bank.
  • In Other News..; Radical Muslims, Tony Abbott, AWB (stunt; Ringing Trevor Flugge), Channel Nine logo, David Beckham, Bob Carr (Stunt; Bob Carr interview) and Brokeback Mountain (Ad/Trailer; Brokeback Mountain Christian Edition).
  • Ad/Trailer; The Complete Walks Of John Howard.
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 3: Visualisations.
  • Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy; McDonald's.
  • Ad/Trailer; Rug Emporium Part 3.
10 March 2006 S01E04
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Host, Jon Stewart.
  • Recliner Gag; Sally Robbins laying down
  • Stunt; Commonwealth Games tickets - Craig trying to sell tickets to less popular sports by paying people rather than them paying for tickets.
  • Ad/Trailer; 2006 Commonwealth Games - "share the one-sided dream" (mocking the lack of competitive nations involved).
  • Mr Ten. Questions - Backstreet Boys, Only asking two questions.
  • Stunt; Julian proposing to Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock, a reference to an incident involving Ruddock and Chas Licciardello previously seen on CNNNN. Chas then appears in a wedding dress.
  • Ad/Trailer; The Has Beens
  • Surprise Spruiker; Nine Network.
  • Stunt; Chas proposing a memorial for Cronulla in commemoration of the 2005 Cronulla riots
  • In Other News;
  • Simon Crean winning a by-election, celebrations speech involving the phrase "We shat it in", stunt; Simon Crean and the Crean Diaries (reference to The Latham Diaries).
  • Sketch; In-studio call to new Howard Government "Pregnancy Advice Line".
  • Interview with Andrew posing as Heath Ledger in lieu of the controversial movie Brokeback Mountain.
  • Pursuit Trivia: Tony Abbott - What happened on the day Mark Twain was born and also the day he died? (incorrect) (Haley's Comet appeared)
  • Firth In The USA: Christian Theme Park The Holyland Experience
  • Current Affairs Oscars; presented by Chas & Andrew, mocking Current Affairs as the regular sketch would.
  • Stunt; Royal visit - Craig attempting to find accommodation for the royal family 'on the cheap'.
  • Closing Credits; The Has Beens performance.
17 March 2006 S01E05
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Corpse, Slobodan Milosevic.
  • Ongoing gag throughout show; Chris objecting to the show Everybody Hates Chris.
  • Stunt; Everybody Hates Chris - Chris attempting to have the show name changed at Network Ten headquarters.
  • Stunt; Commonwealth Games - citizens billeting "shunted" homeless people from the streets of Melbourne.
  • Ad/Trailer; American smoking gag - political story.
  • Stunt; "Are you dead?" - Chas checking up on people if they're dead - a social commentary on people dying alone in their homes.
  • Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy; Library.
  • Song; I Want to Be a Stand Up Scottish Comedian - Andrew mimicking Billy Connolly
  • Sketch; The Road to Melbourne - Chris & Andrew in Synchronised Swimming.
  • Straight to DVD; Lleyton Hewitt: The Other Side
  • Mr Ten Questions; Kerri-Anne Kennerley
  • Ad/Trailer; Twenty20 Lawn Bowls
  • In Other News;
  • Prime Minister John Howard ruling out allowing the ABC to go commercial - the Chaser team then proceeds to consume McDonalds and sing commercial jingles.
  • Kim Beazley's verbosity - Julian using gibberish to question Beazley, who in turn threatens him.
  • Anarchist Cookbook.
  • 2006 Commonwealth Games - Chris reporting until "I Hate Chris" appears on the backdrop behind him.
  • Tourism ad mocking the Royal visit - "Why the hell are you here?"
  • Craig attempting to ask the Queen to sack Howard, or Beazley at least.
  • Ad Road-Test; Big M milk - "What is Love?". Concludes segment and episode with audience member holding up "I Hate Chris" sign as Chris leads the group trying to serenade her.
24 March 2006 S01E06
  • Intro Joke; New Owner of the Show: Russell Crowe - reference to his purchase of NRL team the South Sydney Rabbitohs.
  • Picture-in-Picture gag; Letter of complaint sees them play an episode of Mother and Son in a "picture-in-picture" setup.
  • Stunt; Childcare options - Craig puts his child on the following for the day:
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Public Bus
  • Lost Property at Railway Station
  • Cloak Room
Stunt ends with Craig forgetting his child, who remains on a bus.
  • Ad/Trailer; "Wankster" ringtones - parodying Jamster ringtone subscriptions
  • Surprise Spruiker; South Sydney Rabbitohs.
  • Stunt; Julian taking portraits to Machiavelli's restaurant of political and business figures recently involved in scandals.
  • Ad/Trailer; Alexander Downer joke, comedians denouncing Downer for it - "The Adelaide Aristocrats".
  • Stunt; Open Mic comedy night - Virgin Blue humour, or lack thereof. David Koch - the King of Comedy.
  • Famous Face-Off: Steve Fielding (Family First Party) vs. Barnaby Joyce (National Party of Australia) - Penalty shootout (football).
  • Ad/Trailer; U2 - Adam Clayton solo tour - "Clayton's Concert"
  • In Other News;
  • Cyclone Larry - news & weather coverage.
  • Kim Beazley follow up from the previous week - offering Beazley to kneecap him with a baseball bat.
  • Australian Wheat Board kickbacks - Alexander Downer's signature.
  • Australian football player Wayne Carey's affair.
  • The Wiggles "Where's Jeff" parody song - mocking the inherence of drugs in the entertainment industry.
  • Ad/Trailer; ABC program Catalyst - blue bottles beaching themselves.
  • Firth In The USA: Obesity - "The Fattest Country on Earth".
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Plastic bag winner from Episode 4 Awards appearing again on A Current Affair
  • Lesson 4: Graphics, particularly "Stamps".
  • Stunt; Chas & Andrew putting a "Too Many Stamps" stamp on the Channel 7 building.
  • Closing Commentary; celebrating the third anniversary of the war on Iraq (exploding cake)
  • Closing Credits; Mother & Son.
31 March 2006 S01E07
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Star: That Fucking Duck.
  • Opening dialogue gag: Chaser Team dismissed due to the Howard Government's controversial Industrial Relations (IR) laws.
  • Stunt; French protest methods in response to the new IR laws.
  • Sketch; Family members replacing skilled workers.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Malcolm Turnbull - Io is a moon outside of which gaseous planet? (incorrect) (Jupiter).
  • Scenes from the Life of the Crazy Warehouse Guy; Cinema Box Office.
  • Stunt; Cyclone names going commercial, including visits to the National Australia Bank, Telstra, Australian Wheat Board, the Australian Labor Party and the Commonwealth Bank.
  • Ad/Trailer; ABC ad - criticism of the current advertisement being pretentious, incomprehensible and obscure.
  • Ad Road-Test; The NapiSan Challenge
  • Stunt; Chris offering cracked pepper to random people in various situation.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Malcolm Turnbull - Who won the 2002 Melbourne Cup? (incorrect) (Media Puzzle).
  • In Other News;
  • IR laws (Chris offers cracked pepper early in the segment) - Julian "sacking" Workplace Minister Kevin Andrews
  • Obscene cartoon of John Howard and Alexander Downer.
  • Alexander Downer in song, 2005.
  • Ratings trouble for Vega 95.3FM in Sydney. Stunt; Bringing a small crowd posing as the entire listening audience to Vega's studios.
  • Segue to Firth In The USA; Secret Societies
  • Ad/Trailer; Celebrity Solitaire (parody of Poker becoming a televised game)
  • Stunt; Chas and statue buskers on Sydney's Circular Quay. Ends with Chas being carried from the studio and replaced with a statue.
  • Closing Credits; Hansen singing "The Credits Song", resulting in a three-way split screen akin to how commercial networks advertise upcoming shows.
7 April 2006 S01E08
  • Stunt; Macquarie Bank tolls
  • Subtitle; A Message From Osama bin Laden
  • Surprise Spruiker; Uranium sale - Commonwealth Department of Resources
  • Discount Sensis service - Chas calls a phone sex line, a psychic hotline, and a random person in America in order to get business phone numbers.
  • Firth in the USA; Charles gets thrown out of more corporate headquarters than Michael Moore.
  • The Chaser's British Comedy Sketch - performed in the style of Monty Python.
  • Mr. Ten Questions; Peter Carey
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 5: Interviews
  • Ad/Trailer; When a Telemarketer Calls
  • In Other News;
  • Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw visiting Baghdad
  • Abuse of IR laws
  • Death of Pro Hart
  • Ben Lee getting hit in the head by a bottle
  • Stunt; Door Bouncer Challenge - Chris tests how inappropriately he can dress and still be let in to a nightclub if he has girls with him - Normal outfit: Entry granted, Pygamas: Entry granted, KKK costume: Entry granted, Underwear: Entry not granted
  • Andrew Hansen's Closing Comment; "Please note that we are all atheists but we're also hypocrites and we'll be taking the next three weeks off to celebrate Easter."
28 April 2006 S01E09
  • Stunt; Replacing Don Bradman with Jason Gillespie
  • Song; All My Clothes Are Pink - Parody of The White Stripes
  • Stunt; Free Gullibility Test
  • Ad/Trailer; The Queen by Christo
  • Stunt; Chas achieves the world's shortest cab fare (less than 10 metres)
  • Scenes from the Life of the Crazy Warehouse Guy; Asking for directions
  • Famous Face Off; Actors - Deborah Mailman (156 words) and Pia Miranda (163 words)
  • In Other News;
  • Asylum seekers
  • Prince Harry serving as a soldier in Iraq
  • Michelle Leslie
  • The new Big Brother series
  • Nikki Webster on the cover of Zoo Magazine
  • Ad/Trailer; Appearing in Government Ads, Australia Says No
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Current Affairs Tallyboard
  • Lesson 6: Cross Promotions
  • Stunt; Chris divorcing his wife Jo on Sunrise
  • Closing Credits; In Ukrainian
5 May 2006 S01E10
  • Stunt; Australian Fashion Week food drop
  • Subtitle; A Message From Osama bin Laden
  • Surprise Spruiker; Medibank Private
  • Stunt; Julian shows up at a book store to sign other people's books, as well as Peter Carey and Kathy Lette's book signings.
  • Famous Face Off; Sportscasters - Les Murray (11 mistakes) and Peter Wilkins (112 mistakes according to Andrew)
  • Ad/Trailer; Nike sweatshops "Just sew it"
  • Song; Comedy Songs on TV
  • Stunt; Craig attempts to hand out $5 and $50 notes as if they were flyers.
  • Ad/Trailer; American Baguette
  • Ad/Trailer; Burst Dirt Shots
  • In Other News;
  • Interest rate rise
  • Beaconsfield Mine collapse
  • Private Jake Kovco
  • The Logie Awards
  • Shane Warne
  • Australian Fashion Week
  • Stunt; Islamic wear at Australian Fashion Week
  • Ad/Trailer; Municipal Cemeteries of Australia
  • Pursuit Trivia; Kevin Rudd - Who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo? (correct, although Rudd gave a different answer) (Duke of Wellington)
  • Closing Credits; Scene from American Baguette
12 May 2006 S01E11
  • Intro Joke;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Advice
  • Amount we've offered the miners for their story: $4
  • Stunt; Naomi's Make-up Truck
  • Stunt; Chas' Logies Bonehead Challenge (goal: 20 total: 34)
  • Stunt; Door to door spam
  • Mr. Ten Questions; The Sydney Swans
  • Stunt; Oversized games
  • Subtitle; A Message From Osama bin Laden
  • Stunt; Chas calls Stan Zemanek's talkback radio show pretending to be an unemployed clinically depressed person. He is called, among other things, a "low-life" and an "oxygen thief", and told his mother is a prostitute.
  • Ad/Trailer; Stan Zemanek Lifeline
  • Firth in the USA; Freedom
  • In Other News;
  • Beaconsfield Mine collapse, interview with "Todd Russell" (Chris Taylor) and "Brant Webb" (Andrew Hansen)
  • Paul McCartney and Heather Mills' separation
  • The budget
  • Stunt; Custom flagpoles for MPs
  • Surprise Spruiker; Logies
  • Ad Road Test; Oral-B
  • Closing Credits; Footage of the Beaconsfield miners emerging from mine played over and over
  • The beach towel Charles Firth presented to one of the Americans during his stunt ended up being stolen by a woman, the footage of which was included as a DVD extra.
19 May 2006 S01E12
  • Stunt; Craig gives new helicopters to the Royal Australian Navy.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Shannon Noll - What is the chemical symbol for sodium? (correct) (Na)
  • Stunt; Antisocial iPod listeners
  • Scenes From the Life of the Crazy Warehouse Guy; Car breakdown
  • Ad/Trailer; Instant Sophistication Kit
  • Stunt; Pre-tween market
  • Stunt; Traditional Italian massage
  • In Other News;
  • Jake Kovco
  • Todd Russell and Brant Webb signing a deal with Channel Nine
  • BBC apology
  • John Hopoate
  • The UN's Oil for Food program
  • Stunt; Attempting to buy petrol with various food items
  • Ad/Trailer; ABBA tribute band tribute band
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Lesson 7: Comedy
  • Stunt; Taking an "old person screwed over" for a Today Tonight interview
  • Ad Road Test; Lynx Deodorant
  • Credits; The Chaser's Warfalcon
26 May 2006 S01E13
  • Intro Joke; The Chaser's Makeup By: Tracy Grimshaw
  • Stunt; Woolworth's pokies.
  • The Surprise Spruiker; Kirribilli House
  • Ad/Trailer; Channel Nine, journalistic prostitution.
  • Citizens' Infringement Officer; Parking Inspectors.
  • Song; Hill$ong.
  • Ad/Trailer; Australian's Brainiest non-Asian kid, dentist, dwarf, shop mannequin, pigeon, gorilla gram, actuary, root vegetable, penis, corpse, nobody, brain, cat, alcoholic beverage, mobile phone, computer, skeleton, fruit, toast, leaf, lunch, doll, office utensil, gardening tool, toy bear, brass instrument, bookshelf, shoe, subliminal message, shape, card, giraffe, butterfly, spider, rhinoceros beetle, fly, plane, crab, cow, dog, bike, ship, house, water tank, flying fish, sheep, whale, shrimp, shark, dinosaur, octopus, fruit, toast, leaf, lunch, doll, office utensil, tool, toy bear, brass instrument, bookshelf, shoe, letter, shape, cupcake, giraffe, butterfly, spider, rhinoceros beetle, fly, naked person, crab, cow, dog, bike, ship, house, water tank, flying fish, sheep, whale, shrimp, shark, dinosaur, octopus, fruit, toast, leaf, lunch, doll, office utensil, person, toy bear, and brass instrument.
  • Ad/Trailer; Shit Boring Golf Classic.
  • Stunt; Magical healing.
  • Ad/Trailer; Pecs City Gym.
  • Stunt; Chris Taylor wearing a stocking on his head.
  • In Other News...; nuclear energy, Mark Latham book, health minister, ABC new boss (subliminal message: Gee Mark, I can't believe you're vain enough to pause this) and Da Vinci Code.
  • Stunt; Church against Benchwarmers.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Philip Ruddock - What is Austin Powers' middle name?
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Chris Simond with magical powers
  • Lesson 8 Youth Gone Wild.
  • Stunt; Da Vinci Code, NoD glasses and Surround Silence.
  • Credit Joke; And now for another subliminal message for the new ABC Managing Director, Please give us a better timeslot.
2 June 2006 S01E14
  • Intro; More money for the ABC
    • Stunt; ABC nude calendar to raise money for the ABC
  • Ad/Trailer; Air Bassoon documentary
  • Surprise Spruiker; Melbourne City Council
  • Stunt; Trying to find an Australian baby for Angelina Jolie to adopt
  • Message from Osama; Cannes
  • Stunt; Trying to get support for Janette Howard to run for PM
  • Ad/Trailer; backpackers
  • Ad Road Test; Nicorette- No Gary No
  • In Other News; Government's new IR laws, child care centre controversy, 1 billionth hotel bible
  • Firth in the USA; Gimp
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 9: The Big Issues; Breasts, Smile signs, Kim Beazley
  • Ad/Trailer; Goodnight Phillip Ruddock
  • Credits; Nicorette
23 June 2006 S01E15
  • Intro; Security
  • Stunt; Terrorist/Tourist. Testing how long a tourist can film sensitive places and comparing it to a cliché terrorist doing the same thing.
  • Message From Abu Bakar Bashir; John Howard should convert to Islam
  • Scenes From The Life of The Crazy Warehouse Guy; Fruit stall
  • Stunt; ASIO job application
  • Ad/Trailer; Sugary Sugar Puffs
  • Song; Keith Urban Song
  • Mr Ten Questions; Paul Keating
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?
  • Lesson 10: Overstatement
  • Australia's Worst.
  • Ad/Trailer; Providential Mutual
  • In Other News; ABC of Childcare, Nuclear Spill
  • Stunt; Chas as a Medieval Knight trying to get into a secured building
  • Credits; More Medieval Knight
30 June 2006 S01E16
  • Intro Joke; Employer of the Week: Eddie McGuire.
  • Stunt; Using sign language to insult politicians
  • Ad/Trailer; Ken Done Code
  • Studio Piece; Spam Mailbag
  • Famous Face Off; Rockstars, Quan Yeomans (5 guitar strings broken) and Tim Rogers (1 broken).
  • Ad/Trailer; Spotlight working conditions clearance.
  • Firth In The USA; Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.
  • In Other News;
  • East Timor's new Prime Minister
  • Indonesia and Australia prisoner exchange deal
  • AWA protest
  • Stunt; Peter Costello AWA
  • Big Brother
  • Warren Buffett
  • The World Cup
  • Brad Cooper sentenced to jail
  • Stunt; Playing Brad Cooper his own audio tapes.
  • Ad Road Test; Telstra World Cup Fever
  • Credits; Fred Phelps sermon.
7 July 2006 S01E17
  • Stunt; Pushers trying to save on fuel
  • Ad/Trailer; Are You Being Shagged?
  • Scenes from the life of the Crazy Warehouse Guy; Complaining about bus route numbers
  • Stunt; Chas travelling in taxi boot
  • Subtitle; Meanwhile in Iran
  • Pursuit Trivia; Wilson Tuckey - How many bends are there in a standard paper clip? (incorrect) (three)
  • Stunt; Acting inappropriate in smart cars
  • Stunt; Offering smart cars to people
  • Mr. Ten Questions; Naomi Wolf
  • In Other News;
  • North Korea's Scud missiles
  • Jonestown
  • Leaked tape from Australian military
  • Anti-smoking laws
  • Channel Nine's new logo
  • Big Brother turkey slapping incident
  • Stunt; Turkey slapping survey featuring actual turkey
  • Ad/Trailer; Detective Superintendent Clive Pugh recites The Bard
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Re-enactments
  • Fight scene
  • Celebrity fluff
  • Abusive boss
  • Stunt; Media-scrum for minor court cases
  • Credits; Pushing ride-on lawnmower, tank and plane to save fuel
14 July 2006 S01E18
  • Intro Joke; Warning: Tonight's episode may contain
  • E - Earnestness
  • FO - Fairly obvious Howard jokes
  • U - Usual humiliation of receptionists
  • PM - Patchy material
  • Stunt; Asking Japanese Ambassador Hideaki Ueda for permission to hunt Japanese people for research
  • Stunt; Hunting Japanese people for research
  • Surprise Spruiker; Soccer store
  • Citizens Infringement Officer;
  • ABC Board Director
  • Wanker number plates
  • Ad/Trailer; The Quinny-Roos
  • Song; Cover of Cannibal Corpse's "Rancid Amputation"
  • Stunt; Reading excerpts from Jonestown live on Alan Jones' 2GB radio show
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Youth going wild update
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Lesson 12: Neighbours from hell
  • Ad/Trailer; Are You Being Shagged?
  • In Other News;
  • Honey, We're Killing the Kids
  • Italy's World Cup win
  • Stunt; Claiming World Cup victory for Australia
  • Thought for the Day with Alan Jones
  • Ad Road Test; Coles Supermarkets
  • Credits; Scene with the Quinny-Roos
  • At the end this episode Charles Firth (who said the closing words instead of Reucassel) and Dominic Knight (who also made an appearance as Hansen's bassist during this episode) sat on the couch, too. This was the only time the entire Chaser team was at the set of The Chaser's War together.
21 July 2006 S01E19
  • Intro; Bulldogs Incident, Morris Iemma
  • Stunt; The Bulldogs Supporters Kit
  • Ad/Trailer; 78th Annual Snuff Film Awards
  • Scenes From The Life of The Crazy Warehouse Guy; Asking for the time at Flinder's Street Station
  • Stunt; Berating animals for wearing animal fur coats
  • Song; Fan of Doctor Who
  • Ad/Trailer; Catalyst
  • In Other News; Alan Moss, Max Moore - Wilson
  • Stunt; Free food
  • Pursuit Trivia; Bruce Scott
  • Stunt; Trying to get a tip for doing minor tasks for people
  • Ad/Trailer; Brightly Bloom The Daffodils
28 July 2006 S01E20
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Boner; Eddie McGuire.
  • Stunt; Paying to speak to Jetstar CEO.
  • Stunt; Where can you take a horse?
  • Ad/Trailer; Mad Tofu Disease.
  • Stunt; IKEA DIY disaster.
  • Ad/Trailer; Throat Cancer Theatre Society.
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Rage
  • Lesson 12: Petrol Prices
  • Stunt; Taking an army of David Szymczaks to Channel Seven.
  • Ad/Trailer; Sandy toilet paper.
  • In Other News;
  • Kim Beazley's stance on Uranium mining
  • Rob Moodie wearing skirt and blouse
  • Qantas refunds
  • Stunt; Getting Rebecca Clarke a refund from Qantas.
  • Jessica Rowe
  • Price of bananas and petrol
  • Paris Hilton's new album
  • Stunt; Playing Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" in Hilton Hotel.
  • Ad Road Test; Subway.
4 August 2006 S01E21
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Drunk: Mel Gibson.
  • Stunt; Hugging the Prime Minister
  • Ad/Trailer; Advanced Back Hair
  • Studio segment; Say What?! - Parody of Rove's segment "What The?"
  • Stunt; 24-Hour Availability play-off
  • Ad/Trailer; The Adventurous Diner.
  • Stunt; Restaurant serenades.
  • Subtitle; Another Saddam Outburst.
  • Ad/Trailer; Snorto breaks on Stateline.
  • In Other News;
  • Mel Gibson
  • Roche's lavish dinners
  • Stunt; Doctors showing up at Roche for free dinner
  • Yasmin's Getting Married
  • Exploding Dell laptops
  • Price of bananas
  • Stunt; Using bananas as currency.
  • Surprise Spruiker; Sexpo.
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Protecting your sources
  • Lesson 13: Ethnics
  • Un-Australian things
  • Stunt; How Australian are Today Tonight and A Current Affair?
  • Ad/Trailer; Frannos and the Morning Crew on Radio National
11 August 2006 S01E22
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Commentator, Dean Jones.
  • Stunt; Census Night at a theatre.
  • Door to Door; Have You Slept With Shane Warne? (Census Night)
  • Stunt; JB Hi-Fi naming and shaming.
  • Stunt; Downselling (holding stuff).
  • Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy; Starbucks.
  • Song; Crazy Warehouse Duet.
  • Subtitle;A Message From Osama Bin Laden.
  • 2:30 report; Gameshows.
  • Ad/Trailer; Are you Being Shagged?, Part 1.
  • In Other News...;
  • Ad Road Test; NRMA
  • Cameo; Peter Berner.
  • The census night stunt was fake. It was filmed after at the end of the real show, just like the stunt on sunrise in an earlier episode.
  • The census night stunt was at a Belvoir Street Production.
18 August 2006 S01E23
  • Intro Joke; Special Guest Paedophile: Mr Baldy.
  • Stunt; Arrive at airport in large plastic bags.
  • What Have We Learned From History?: Trojan Horse.
  • Ad/Trailer; Australian Defence Force Birdman Rally.
  • Stunt; Video Surveillance Test.
  • Ad/Trailer; Medibank Private - Helping Members, Healthier Profits.
  • The Surprise Spruiker; Dell Battery Explosions.
  • Stunt; "World Famous" - Charles Firth in Kenya.
  • Ad/Trailer; Little Britain Impersonations.
  • What Have Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;
  • Unsubstantiated Bullshit
  • Lesson 14: Fatties.
  • Pursuit Trivia; Bob Brown - In sport, what is BMX short for? (Incorrect) (Bicycle Moto-Cross).
  • In Other News...; Rising Cost of University Degrees, LPG Subsidy, Prince Harry Groping, Bali 9 sentence reductions.
  • Stunt; Al Kyder and Terry Wrist.
  • Ad Road Test; Ford Focus
25 August 2006 S01E24
  • Stunt; Steakhouse diners choosing their own cow
  • Ad/Trailer; Dongers - Parody of Hooters
  • Citizens Infringement Officer; Bad mobile phone ringtones
  • Ad/Trailer; 2006 Cameraman's Gift
  • Stunt; Burglary made easy
  • Stunt; Child-controlling medication
  • Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Guy; Calling a friend on a tram
  • In Other News;
  • Tony Abbott's opposition to stem cell research
  • Stunt; Tony Abbott hybrids
  • The Australian cricket team at boot camp
  • Darrell Hair accusing Pakistan of ball-tampering
  • US takeover of Coles Myer
  • Stunt; Price check on Coles
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?
  • Lesson 15: Moral Judgement
  • Naming and Shaming
  • Reasons to panic
  • Stunt; Shotgun
  • Ad/Trailer; Wankster Ringtones
  • Andrew Hansen's closing comment; New DVD available: 'How to Use the Last 15 Seconds of Your Show Plugging Shit'
  • Credits; Brendan Nelson getting a ticket from the Citizens Infringement Officer
1 September 2006 S01E25
  • Studio segment; Telstra magician
  • Mr. Ten Questions; Anthony LaPaglia
  • Stunt; Australian Defence Force recruitment/conscription
  • Ad/Trailer; Bonsai logging on Stateline
  • Song; Prolix Songwriter
  • 2:30 Report; Christian shows
  • Famous Face Off; Models, Annalise Braakensiek and Kate Fischer
  • Ad/Trailer; Daggs
  • In Other News;
  • Jihad Jack Four Corners interview
  • Tom Cruise not allowed on Oprah
  • Gary Neiwand jailed
  • Junk food advertising blamed for childhood obesity
  • Stunt; Coco Pops Monkey confronts Monica Trapaga
  • Scenes From the Life of the Crazy Warehouse Guy; Amusement park
  • Ad Road Test; Godfreys vacuum cleaners
  • Ad/Trailer; Daggs
  • According to the Series 1 Volume 2 DVD commentary, all of the Chaser performers agree that this is the worst episode they've made to date.
8 September 2006 S01E26
  • Stunt; Jihad Jack.
  • The Surprise Spruiker; Persian Rug Warehouse
  • Stunt; McDonald's upselling.
  • Citizens' Infringement Officer; Baby names.
  • Ad/Trailer; CarltonUnited 93.
  • Stunt; Courtesy Bus (read comment below)
  • Song; BoyBand
  • Ad/Trailer; Are you Being Shagged?, Part 3.
  • What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Walking along the beach stunt and awards. Biggest overstatement, best comic turn, most number of nods during an interview, most dangerous place in Australia, wildest youths, most appearances by an expert and the slightly less crap than Today Tonight award.
  • Ad/Trailer; Persian Rug Clearance commercial on DVD.
  • In Other News...; Al-Qaeda needs more members stunt and Scientology spiritual first aid stunt.
  • Subtitle; A Message From Osama Bin Laden.
  • Craig was sick in this episode and could hardly speak.
  • Jihad Jack is a fan of The Chaser.
  • It was stated in the commentary that the surprise spruiker might have died in this episode.
  • In the McDonald's upselling stunt Chas didn't order everything as there was some items missing from that McDonald's menu.
  • They actually bought a lot of what Chas ordered in the McDonald's stunt.
  • In the Citizens' Infringement Officer segment, two of the names given were false. Julian set up the baby with his name and the baby with the name of Pegasus Ezekiel was made up because the lady knew it wasn't real.
  • The courtesy bus stunt was fake. Julian said it was a sketch done like a stunt which is what he called a skunt or a stentch.
  • Craig Reucassel's son, Ollie, was the child thief in 'What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?'.
  • The Scientology stunt was filmed for Episode 22 but kept getting bumped.

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