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Episode name Length Release date Notes
Toilet Tuesday 0:48 August 27, 2006 As part of ScrewAttack's Toilet Tuesday series, this is a parody of the Nintendo 64 Kid, an internet meme.
The Anger Begins 1:28 September 29, 2006 This is a 1988 home video which contains footage of a young Rolfe getting angry at his Super Mario Bros. game on his birthday.
Wii Salute (History of Video Game Wars) 4:58 November 19, 2006 The Nerd reenacts the competition between video game consoles (mainly the competition between Nintendo and Sega). At the end he claims to support Nintendo's success with their Wii console.
Top 10 Angry Video Game Nerd Moments of 2006 4:08 December 31, 2006 The top ten best moments from the 2006 episodes are featured on
DuckTales (Video Game Vault, a ScrewAttack featurette) 1:53 February 10, 2007 DuckTales (NES). This is a positive review for ScrewAttack's Video Game Vault series.
The Best and Worst Gaming Peripherals (ScrewAttack Top 10 Episode) 7:30 May 8, 2007 The Nerd makes a brief appearance on the fourth worst video game peripheral to talk about the Power Glove again.
A Very Nerdy Non-Canonical Captain S Christmas 15:52 August 5, 2007 Home Alone (NES).

Wrath of the Black Manta (NES) is also heavily featured in the Captain S action sequences, but it is not reviewed by the Nerd. Because Captain S is considered family friendly, the Nerd's usual foul language was greatly toned-down for this episode, though he does swear at the end (bleeped out with a sound effect from Super Mario Bros.).

Top Ten Nerd Moments 2007 9:23 January 1, 2008 The top ten best moments from the 2007 episodes are featured on

10. Nintendo Power spoof (Nintendo Power)
9. Grading the grammar and spelling of the end title screen of Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters: Follow-Up)
8. Getting frustrated at constantly dying and imitating the death screen image of Silver Surfer crying (Silver Surfer)
7. Fighting Frankenstein's Monster with the Super Scope (Halloween)
6. Literally "eating his shorts" (The Simpsons)
5. Destroying the 32-X (Sega 32-X)
4. Destroying the game in the style of The Addams Family (Fester's Quest)
3. His "war" with the game "Die Hard (Die Hard)
2. Fighting Bugs Bunny (Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout)
1. Destroying the VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Part III (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (movie)) (At the time, this video was only available on ScrewAttack's website).

Nostalgia Critic - Nerd Rant 2:15 April 18, 2008 Film reviewer Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic, issues a video ultimatum to the Nerd on his website, starting their storyline feud.
Nostalgia Critic - Nerd Rant 2 4:47 April 19, 2008 The Nostalgia Critic escalates his feud with the Nerd.
Nostalgia Critic - Nerd Rant 3 2:52 April 23, 2008 The feud continues.
AVGN responds to the Nostalgia Critic! 2:02 June 12, 2008 The Nerd responds to the Nostalgia Critic.
Nerd Challenge 2:38 June 15, 2008 The Nostalgia Critic challenges the Nerd to review a low grade movie.
The Battle of Epic Proportions 4:26 June 29, 2008 The Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic meet for the first time and, along with Captain S, get into a three way brawl. The fight ends with a temporary truce: the Nerd agrees to review a low grade movie and the Critic agrees to review a low grade video game.
AVGN: E3 recap 2008 5:32 July 19, 2008 The Nerd goes to E3 and recaps some of his favorite games.
AVGN: PROMO – Deadly Towers: Special Episode 2:26 July 20, 2008 The Nerd challenges viewers to write an episode for an upcoming review of Deadly Towers for the NES.
Ricky 1 Review 7:28 July 28, 2008 Ricky 1 (movie)

The Nerd reviewing a film, per his agreement with the Nostalgia Critic.

Video Game Review 12:16 August 3, 2008 Bebe's Kids (SNES)

The Nostalgia Critic reviewing a video game, per his agreement with the Nerd. Kyle Justin cameos performing an alternate of the AVGN theme. The video ends with the Critic reinstating the feud.

Piece of Meat 3:59 August 12, 2008 The Nerd is featured in a music video parody by Cinevore Studios of the Britney Spears single Piece of Me.
AVGN Vs. NC: The Final Battle 7:18 October 10, 2008 The final battle takes place in the Nerd's room. Many scenes are parody references to films and games, including The Matrix, Street Fighter and Star Wars. Super Mecha Death Christ and the Nintendo suit from the Super Mario Bros. 3 review also make an appearance.
James Rolfe – Meet the Nerd! 3:13 October 29, 2008 Rolfe is interviewed by
Frankenstein Outtake 0:30 November 4, 2008 This is an outtake from the AVGN Halloween special of Frankenstein. In this outtake, Rolfe sings part of the Muppet Babies theme song.
Top 10 AVGN Moments of 2008 12:48 February 26, 2009 The top ten best moments from the 2008 episodes are featured on

10. Complaining about the huge AC Adaptor for the ColecoVision (Double Vision)
09. Getting confused as to why Superman has to go to the stock market (Superman Part I)
08. Listening to the pause music (Battletoads)
07. Literally dropping "F-bombs" (CD-i Part II)
06. Complaining about the irritating voice in the Connect-the-Dots game (Bible Games)
05. Fighting the Joker (Batman Part II)
04. Getting shocked to see the game he is playing say, "Kill all babies" (Bible Games)
03. Playing "The Count" on the Commodore Vic-20 (Dracula)
02. Shouting profanity into the LaserScope (NES Accessories)
01. Fighting the possessed NES cartridge with Super Mega Death Christ (Super Mario Bros. 3)

My NES Collection 6:15 March 7, 2009 Rolfe gives an overview of his collection of NES games.
Mike and I playing Odyssey 5:53 April 27, 2009 Mike Matei comes up with ideas for the Odyssey review with Rolfe. They candidly play various games for the system.
One Year Anniversary Brawl 20:13 May 10, 2009 The Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Justin, and various others from Channel Awesome and GameTrailers are featured in a brawl, which ends in a truce brokered by That Guy with the Glasses.
Atop the Fourth Wall, Episode 29: Wolverine: Adamantium Rage 17.50 May 15, 2009 Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (Sega Genesis)

The Nerd Makes a brief cameo.

Critic and Nerd Joint Review 18:14 June 10, 2009 Following the advice of That Guy with the Glasses from the TGWTG Team Battle, the Nerd and Nostalgia Critic review Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Making of the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour (1990). They both agree that this documentary about a TMNT rock band is even worse than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. They are also baffled that the documentary portrays the Turtles as actual people, rather than the fictional characters they are, and criticize the poor costuming and animatronics. The show opens with the season 3 and 4 theme from ALF.
Ghostbusters Xbox 360 Review 6:46 August 13, 2009 Ghostbusters (Xbox 360)

Rolfe reviews the new Ghostbusters game for the Xbox 360 as himself. The Nerd briefly appears at the start, but Rolfe explains to him that he is not needed for the video, as this Ghostbusters game is actually good, so he leaves.

Crazy Castle Outtake 4:42 August 20, 2009 This is an outtake from the AVGN Crazy Castle review. In this outtake, Rolfe has a hard time trying not to laugh while saying his lines.
The History of Super Mecha Death Christ 6:57 November 25, 2009 The history of Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 BC 4.0 Beta is revealed.
Top 10 AVGN Moments of 2009 11:50 February 11, 2010 features the top ten best AVGN episodes of 2009.

10. Ranting about the "beginners trap" (Super Pitfall!)
09. Questioning why Simon would eat a "porkchop" he just found lying inside a wall (Castlevania: Part II)
08. Complaining about a scene where the boss in the game orders the woman to remove her clothes (Plumbers Don't Wear Ties)
07. The Famicom turning into Optimus Prime (Transformers)
06. Defecating on the Atari Jaguar as if it were a toilet (Atari Jaguar: Part II)
05. His rampage at the end of the review (Moonwalker)
04. His failed plan to rack up a ton of lives (Terminator)
03. Destroying the game (Winter Games)
02. Fighting Bugs Bunny (Crazy Castle)
01. His rant about the bad Godzilla games (Godzilla)

Top 20 AVGN Rants 15:48 March 17, 2010 The Nerd picks his personal top 20 favorite rants, as he is taking his rest.
E3 2010: Nintendo Booth Tour 4:15 June 16, 2010 The Nerd visits the Nintendo booth at E3 2010 and briefly comments on Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii), The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii), and Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii).
E3 2010: Day 2 4:47 June 17, 2010 The Nerd visits other booths at E3 2010 and briefly comments on Mortal Kombat (PS3/360), Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (WiiWare/PSN/Xbox Live Arcade), Hard Corps: Uprising (PSN/Xbox Live Arcade), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3/360), Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (Xbox Live Arcade), Epic Mickey (Wii), and Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame (Wii/DS).
E3 2010: Day 3 5:21 June 18, 2010 The Nerd visits other booths at E3 2010 and briefly comments on Busy Scissors (Wii), GoldenEye 007 (Wii/DS), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (PS3/360/PC/Wii/DS), Jurassic Park, Back to the Future: The Game, Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation Move), Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS), and Nintendogs + Cats (3DS).
Holiday Memories 13:30 December 7, 2010 The Nerd revisits the holiday specials from the past four years.
TMNT Tournament Fighter Challenge SNES 5:36 June 21, 2011 Rolfe and Matei take part in a challenge playing TMNT Tournament Fighter as part of the Turtle Tuesdays series.
Ninja Baseball Bat Man 3:31 July 29, 2011 In a short episode that is not part of the main series, the Nerd reviews Ninja Baseball Bat Man (Arcade).
Family Game Funness 27:22 August 5, 2011 Rolfe and guest Pat Contri (Pat the NES Punk) play family-oriented NES games such as Pictionary, Bible Buffet, Family Feud and MTV's Remote Control. They attempt to play Battleship, but discover it is single player only.
River City Ransom 2:30 October 22, 2011 Nerd mini review from the 2nd Annual NES Marathon.
Nerd Memories: Contra 7:13 November 2, 2011 Contra (NES) Rolfe talks about his memories of playing and beating the original Contra. This special features him as himself, out of the nerd character.
Pop Fiction Episode 22: Cheetahmen II 11:08 March 23, 2012 The Nerd works with Pop Fiction to tackle Cheetahmen II.
Nerd Memories: Sonic 6:19 March 30, 2012 Sonic 1 (Sega Genesis), Sonic 2 (Sega Genesis), Sonic CD (Sega CD), Sonic 3 (Sega Genesis) Rolfe steps outside the Nerd character to recount some cherished memories of Sega's beloved Hedgehog, Sonic. He also admits that bad Sonic games are one of his biggest requests despite liking the ones he played so far.
Nerd Memories: Double Dragon 6:35 May 2, 2012 Double Dragon (NES), Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES), Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (NES) Rolfe talks about his memories of playing the Double Dragon series.
Nerd Memories: Mortal Kombat 8:52 July 4, 2012 Mortal Kombat (SNES) and (Sega Genesis), Mortal Kombat II (SNES), Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES) Rolfe talks about his childhood memories of the original trilogy games of Mortal Kombat.
SNES Vs. Sega Genesis, Parts I, II 26:45 (combined) August 13, 2012 (Part I)
August 15, 2012 (Part II)
August 17, 2012 (Combination video)
Rolfe talks about his experiences with the 16-bit Wars and the two consoles involved, the SNES and Genesis. He also included clips of a previous debate he did at age 11, and while his opinions stand, he decided to explain them more in-depth now that he is older and can be more constructive in his reasons.

Framerate: Genesis wins
Console Design: Genesis wins
Backwards Compatibility: SNES wins
Native Controllers: SNES wins
Game Boxes: Genesis wins
Graphics: SNES wins
Sound Quality: SNES wins
Games: SNES wins

SNES wins over Genesis 5-3. Even though Rolfe still enjoyed both consoles and feels that they helped shape the console industry, he felt that the SNES naturally had improved over the Genesis due to technological advancements of a later time, with a more notable library of games for good measure (for the most part).

The Nerd's Anger Management 32:26 August 29, 2012 In this audio only video, the Nerd shows the viewer how to relax.
Nerd Memories: Killer Instinct 5:59 September 1, 2012 Killer Instinct (SNES) Killer Instinct 2 (Nintendo 64) Rolfe talks about when he saw and played Killer Instinct as a teenager.
Nerd Memories: Super Mario Kart 4:06 October 3, 2012 Super Mario Kart (SNES) Rolfe remembers when he first played Super Mario Kart.
Mike talks about the AVGN Experience 17:46 November 7, 2012 Matei discusses his involvement with the AVGN videos, and gives his outside perspective of AVGN and Rolfe's other films.
Magfest 2013 AVGN Panel 13:03 January 14, 2013

February 18, 2013 (YT)

Rolfe goes to Magfest 2013 and asks the audience several questions, re-enacts quotes from various AVGN episodes and allows them to play some video games that he reviewed.

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