List of Terrorist Incidents, 2009 - July


Date Dead Injured Location and description
July 5 6 45~55 Cotabato City, Mindanao. A bomb exploded outside a Roman Catholic cathedral, killing six and injuring up to 45.
July 5 0 2 Bujanovac, Serbia. Two policemen, Nenad Nikolić and Miloš Cerović were injured in RPG attack on their vehicle while patrolling the village of Lučane near Bujanovac.
July 7 6 40 Jolo and Iligan, Mindanao. Two bombs exploded in two separate cities, killing six and injuring up to 40.
July 7 0 0 Durango, (Spain). A powerful bomb damages a recreation center of the ruling Socialist Party in Northern Basque region of Spain. No one was injured in the attack, claimed to ETA.
July 9 33 70+ Tal Afar, Iraq. 33 people are killed and more than 70 injured in a double suicide bombing.
July 11 4 38 Mosul 4 people are killed following a car bomb that also left 38 civilians wounded.
July 17 9 >50 Jakarta : 9 people are killed following the bombing of the JW Marriott Hotel and Ritz-Carlton.
July 22 5 32 Khanaqin : Iranian pilgrims on the way to Baghdad came under fire with 5 deaths resultant and another thirty-two injuries. The Iranian foreign ministry condemned the attacks saying the act was "cruel and inhumane in the true sense of the word." The laid blame for the attacks saying "Unfortunately the presence of foreign military forces in Iraq has only emboldened terrorist elements to step out of line with their criminal acts."
July 22 0 0 Vescovato : A car bomb exploded against à police station in Vescovato (Corsica). This attack is claimed by FLNC.
July 26 6 10 Grozny, Chechnya, Russia : A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at the entrance to a concert hall. It has been reported that four police officers were among those who were killed in this bombing.
July 29 0 65 Burgos: A car bomb containing 200 kilogrames of explosives exploded in a 14-story barracks of the Guardia Civil in the northern city of Burgos. no deaths were reported, but more than 60 people were injured.
July 30 2 3 Calvia, Majorca: A car bomb exploded outside a Guardia Civil offices in Calvià, Majorca, killing two members of the Guardia Civil Carlos Sáenz de Tejada and Diego Salva Lezaun. ETA was blamed for the attack and the authorities 'sealed' all entry and exit points to the island to avoid the terrorists' escape. Another explosive device was found under a policeman car in the same town some hours later and deactivated by police. "Two Spain police killed by new bomb blamed on ETA". Reuters UK. July 30, 2009. Retrieved July 30, 2009.

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