List of Terrorist Incidents, 2009 - December


Date Dead Injured Location and description
December 1 1 10 Swat, Pakistan Pakistani government official is assassinated in a suicide bomb attack at his residence
December 2 1 2 Islamabad, Pakistan Suicide bomber detonates at entrance to Pakistani Naval HQ
December 3 24 60 Mogadishu, Somalia A male suicide bomber disguised as a woman detonates in a hotel meeting hall. The hotel was hosting a graduation ceremony for local medical students when the blast went off, killing four government ministers as well as other civilians.
December 4 38 80 Rawalpindi, Pakistan Four gunmen attack a mosque which is frequented by current and former Pakistani military personnel. Security forces responded to the incident and a gun battle erupted, followed by three of the attackers detonating themselves.
December 5 1 5 Zamboanga City, Philippines A cell-phone triggered improvised bomb explosion leveled a police station to the ground and greatly damaged a municipal jail.
December 7 10 44 Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates outside a court in central Peshawar.
December 7 2 2 Bajaur, Pakistan Two anti-Taliban tribal elders are assassinated by a remotely controlled bomb near a mosque.
December 7 7 0 Tokat, Turkey Seven Turkish soldiers are killed in an ambush carried out by suspected PKK rebels.
December 7 8 25 Baghdad, Iraq A bomb exploded at a school in Baghdad.
December 7 48 100 Lahore, Pakistan Two bomb blasts ripped through a busy market as it was crammed in by shoppers. The attack, which injured some 100 people, sparked a huge blaze at the city's Moon Market. The blasts came just hours after a suicide bomber killed 10 people in Peshawar.
December 8 2 9 Narathiwat, Thailand A motorcycle bombing bomb exploded in a crowded market in Thailand's south, killing two and injuring nine, just before a visit by the Malaysian and Thai premiers. The incident was blamed on Islamic separatists.
December 8 127 448 Baghdad, Iraq A series of bombings killed at least 127 people and injured 448 others, making it the deadliest attack in Iraq since the October 25, 2009 Baghdad bombings.
December 8 12 25 Multan, Pakistan Suicide attackers raid an ISI office in the city
December 10 4 17 Guwahati, India A bomb in a crowded Assam marketplace kills four. The attack was blamed on National Democratic Front of Bodoland.
December 11 6 20 Baghdad, Iraq Two bombs went off in a two-pronged bomb attack which seemed to be designed to ambush bystanders. The first bomb caused no casualties but attracted a crowd of onlookers who were then attacked by the second bomb, which killed at least six and wounded twenty.
December 15 8 10 Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonates near a hotel in Kabul.
December 15 3 0 Bossaso, Somalia A roadside bomb in the port city of Bossaso kills three police officers.
December 15 33 50 Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan A bomb blast hits a market in the central Pakistani town of Dera Ghazi Khan.
December 15 8 30 Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq A series of three car bombs in central Baghdad kills four, the attack was followed by another co-ordinated car bombing in the northern city of Mosul where four people were also killed.
December 18 12 28 Lower Dir District, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates near a mosque used by police officers.
December 22 3 17 Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a press club.
December 24 4 12 Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates his explosives at a checkpoint.
December 24 8 0 Kandahar, Afghanistan A suicide bomber in a horse drawn carriage detonates explosives near a hotel and government office.
December 24 23 0 Hillah and Baghdad, Iraq Twin bomb blasts hit Hillah earlier in the day, followed by a blast at a local Shia funeral in Sadr city in Baghdad.
December 25 0 3 Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to detonate an explosive on an aircraft en route from Amsterdam to Detroit. During the incident, the suspect ignites himself on fire until he is extinguished and overpowered by two passengers. The aircraft lands safely in Detroit with the only injuries reported to be the suspect himself and two others.
December 26 3 3 Beirut, Lebanon A car bomb attack in the Lebanese capital Beirut targets a Hamas official.
December 27 6 0 Kurram, Pakistan Militants in Pakistan blow up the house of local official Sarbraz Saddiqi, killing him, his wife and four children.
December 27 5 60 Kashmir, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates at a checkpoint outside a local Shia Muslim gathering point in the town of Muzaffarabad.
December 28 43 60 Karachi, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates at a crowded Shia Muslim procession.
December 31 8 0 Khost Province, Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonates his explosives after penetrating the Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost Province, killing 8 American CIA employees including the person in charge of CIA operations at the base, making this worst attack against US intelligence officials since 1983. A Taliban spokesman said a member of the group working for the Afghan army had carried out the attack. The attack was claimed by the Pakistani Taliban/

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