List of Terrorist Incidents, 2007 - April


Date Dead Injured Location and description
April 8 1 In the two weeks prior to April 8, at least thirteen Afghans and two French aid workers are kidnapped. Rebels demand further releases of their jailed associates in exchange for some of the hostages.
April 9 1 30 A bomb used against a police headquarters in Cali kills one and injures 30. FARC are blamed.
April 10 4 23 Three suicide bombers kill one policeman and injure 23 people in Casablanca, Morocco.
April 11 33 222 Two suicide car bombs kill 33 people and injure 222 in Algiers, Algeria; Al-Qaeda takes responsibility.
April 12 8 20 One suicide bomber kills eight people and injures 20 in the cafeteria of the Iraqi Parliament, in the Green Zone in Baghdad.
April 14 65 100 Suicide car bomb kills 65 people and injure 100 in Karbala, Iraq.
April 14 1 3 Two suicide bombers explode at an internet cafe, near the American Language Center, in Casablanca, Morocco; one person is injured. On October 17, 2008 a Moroccan court sentenced more than 40 people to up to 30 years in prison over the suicide bombing. The state news agency, MAP, said those accused had been planning a string of attacks in Casablanca using home-made explosives. Authorities said, the plot was uncovered by the investigation following bombing.
April 18 200 251 A series of explosions kills 200 people and injures 251 in Baghdad, Iraq. See 18 April 2007 Baghdad bombings.
April 18 3 In Malatya, Turkey, hometown of Mehmet Ali Agca, three Christian men—one of them a 45-year-old German father of three children, Tilman Geske—are brutally murdered by at least four young men who confess to the slayings. The assassins torture their victims for hours before cutting their throats; an autopsy of the German victim finds 156 stab wounds. Hurriyet newspaper quotes a suspect: "Let this be a lesson to enemies of our religion."
April 20 1 0 A suicide car bomber attacked an Ethiopian army base in the capital Mogadishu, Somalia.
April 25 11 A suicide bomber kills 11 during an attack on a hotel south of Mogadishu, Somolia.
April 28 28 35 Interior minister Aftab Ahmad Sherpao of Pakistan suffers minor injuries, 28 are killed, and 35 are injured (ten critically) in a suicide bombing after the minister finishes speaking.
April 28 28 35 A car bomb kills kills 63 people and injures 70 in Karbala, Iraq.

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